August 11, 2015


It's hard to believe that it's already/only been one year since my family brought Lily home. Not much has changed since the beginning, besides her size and that now, instead of sleeping in her cage in the basement, she  sleeps sprawled out on my bed. She's still the crazy, energetic pup who makes us say really?! or you know better! When she pulled mom's rug into her cage and shredded it while we're at dinner, or she got bored and destroyed Macey's beds and blankets, or, more recently, when she pooped in my parent's bedroom because dad ignored her nudging. Regardless of all the destructive, ridiculous things she does you have to love the way she demands your attention with her big puppy eyes, happy little snarl, relentless kisses, or when all else fails, her Michael Jordan jumping abilities. 
In case you're wondering, Macey still tolerates Lily despite the fact that Lily tries to steal any ounce of attention Macey may get along with destroying all of her toys.
 Neither of them had any interest in taking pictures for this pupdate...but I was determined.
 "Does she really think grass is a treat that will keep my attention?"
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