August 4, 2015

Many Hats...

I don't know if it's just me, but there's always been one thought I have ingrained in my mind as we enter August, back to school. As a tribute to these feelings, I will (finally) be sharing much of what I did during my student teaching experience
During student teaching, we had weekly journal prompts to help us reflect on our experiences as well as develop the type of teachers aspire to be. One of our prompts that was initially one of the more challenging ones for me, ended up being one of the prompts I got the most invested in creating. 
The prompt was: An art teacher wears many hats...
What hats did your co-op wear? What hats did you wear? What hats would you like to wear in the future?
While I answered all of the questions in my journal, the one I illustrated and will focusing on here is 
What hats did you wear? 
I started answering the question by jotting down a few words I felt described "the hats" I was wearing (Side Note: I still feel I wear these hats).
Artist. Blogger. Brainstormer. Colleague. Creative Thinker. Lifelong Learner. Problem Solver. Student. Teacher.
Then I began imagining a a cartoon wearing a teetering stack of various hats. I thought about how I could create hats symbolic of as many of these words as possible that would all be recognizable and fit together.
I knew the "blogger" hat would be the easiest to illustrate as all I would need to do was find the right picture of me in one of the outfits I've shot with a hat (one of the shots not chosen for this post, actually).
I also knew a graduation cap would easily illustrate the student and life long learner.
I reminisced about elementary school when "put on your thinking caps" was a common phrase used to spark our imaginations. I came up with my own personal thinking cap that represents five hats/ traits in one (artist, brainstormer, creative thinker, problem solver, and teacher).
Finally, I chose to hang and baseball cap off of my thinking cap to show colleague.

What does your stack of hats look like?


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