August 30, 2015

Life in Square Photos 34&35/52

The weeks have been flying by and it's been a blast settling in and shopping for my new home. 
 The many faces of Bay. One of the books from my summer reading list, Art for Breakfast, encourages creation every day no matter where you are or how busy you are. While I haven't been following the every day very well, I have been taking opportunities to make quick drawings of my surroundings.   
 Ending the last night of summer on the docks with a blow pop and my little sis.
 Always ready for an adventure, as long as she can hold the leash.
 IHOP, dinner of champions.
 "You didn't leave any room for me but this should do."
I've been settling into my position feeling very welcome and grateful for this opportunity.

Links to Love, Watch, and Procrastinate:
Because some teachers just know how to make students laugh while learning.
This epic 87 year old woman who has always been a rebel.
Chances of booking a field trip to Dismaland before it ends? Slim, but it's certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Have a Great Week! xo

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