July 7, 2015

Spritz and Splatter

Last Tuesday, mom and I attended our first social painting night at Spritz and Splatter and had a blast. For those of you who have been considering attending a social painting class but are worried because you've never picked up a brush or you think you have no creative talents- fear not! Social painting classes make it simple and fun to create the chosen painting.
When I started painting last fall, I was very critical of my work until I found a style I liked and relaxed a little bit, but I still have moments where I'm way too hard on my work. That being said, I decided I would take the painting night step-by-step, as it was explained to get some new ideas for teaching in my future classroom, and I'm so glad I did. I didn't let myself get stressed out about anything "not going right" and, I have to say, it was great to relax and paint for fun. Now I want to take a week off work and paint/ create. Anyway, back to the class, Carol (the owner) led the class and it was an awesome experience to learn from her, and get some tips I hadn't thought of before. She would show and explain a step to us, then walk around and provide individual help as necessary. No one was rushed and new steps were given as people were ready. There was a lot of laughter by all and I love that she shares the belief of learning from or working with mistakes.
 A close-up of mom's painting- I love that she put the red lights on the top of one building for the iconic Fulton Bank building.
Unlike mom who paid careful attention to the Harrisburg skyline, my buildings-aside from the capitol building- were random.
My favorite part is that although everyone is painting the same subject (Fireworks over Harrisburg), they all look so unique-even the instructor's changed from the first time she painted the image to when she painted it with us.
I highly recommend Spritz and Splatter if you're local (or just visiting!) and you're looking for a fun, relaxing night out with wonderful, friendly staff who clearly love their job. My mom and I are currently working with Carol to organize a fundraiser for Speranza Animal Rescue (where we adopted Lily almost a year ago) and I couldn't be any more excited. I'll be sharing more details as we develop them and would love to hear your ideas as well.
So what do you think? Will you be signing up for a social painting class?
Thanks for Stopping by! xo


  1. Courtney,
    Thank you for the wonderful review! And I am excited about working out a really great fundraiser for the animal shelter with you too. Hope all your friends will check out Spritz and Splatter

    Carol / Spritz and Splatter

    1. Thank you for the wonderful experience! I hope to plan a night with friends when they're in town!


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