July 16, 2015

Life in Square Photos 28/52

My computer has been a real wreck again, like I'm talking spinning wheels of death every time I try to load or save a photo on Photoshop which has made preparing content extra difficult-such a bummer. But here's a few shots from my camera roll this past week:
 The massive downpour lead to this pretty shot 
 I'm not sure when Lily became so obsessed with sitting in my lap but it is good for laughs. 
 Special thanks to dad for photobombing my attempted #OOTD shot.
 Bailey and I dropped by 7/11 for free slurps and I have to say, I'm quite obsessed with the Sour Patch Watermelon.
 Kate x Jack x Ray make the perfect Sunday accessories.
Macey was just so proud of herself for getting ahold of Lily's pig.

The J.Crew Sale is on and I'm pretty excited for the additional 30% off with code GOSHOPPING
Shop some of my favorites:

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