July 6, 2015

Life in Square Photos 27/52

Last week just flew by so quickly with the short work week and holiday that I forgot to take any pictures until we got to the lake. So here are some shots from my camera roll at the lake last weekend:
Mom and I went shopping a lot last weekend, like, we went to the outlets and four TJ Maxx's in three days. It's okay to judge, we did. But the deals, oh the deals. I snagged a Kate Spade purse at the outlets that was originally $298 for $82. How could I resist? But that was just one of the many happy purchases made. One of the happy purchases was, of course, food. We stopped at the Pocono Cheesecake Factory and boy oh boy was it delicious. The canolis-yes we got canolis at a cheesecake factory-were awesome. Being the only one in my family truly in love with cheescake I had the most difficult time deciding what flavor to get but I decided on a slice of peanut butter swirl and a slice of caramel pecan. Let's just say I could have eaten a small cake of both. They both had such great flavor.
I've had a mirrored screen protector on my phone for a few months now and I despise it. I can't see my screen in bright situations (like stores- in the sun? forget about it.) and I have to have my brightness up the entire way to see anything at all so forget about the battery life. I couldn't justify spending more than $5 on a new one because I always ruin them within a few weeks. Kyle had a screen protector he wasn't using from a case I bought him so I asked him to bring it to the lake and this is how it looked when he brought it to me, gotta love him.
The sleepiest evenings at the lake.
We failed so hard at making sparkler hearts but I love these shots all the same.
Have a Great Weekend! xo

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