July 28, 2015

InstaStyle: Summer In Lilly

I'm having a hard time believing August is this Saturday and that I won't be moving back in to my Kutztown house at the end of the month. It's still so surreal to think I'm already finished with my first four years of college. We've been so busy this summer that it really has flown by but I'm hanging on to every last bit of it and Lilly Pulitzer is certainly helping with the bright, summery patterns. This tunic hoodie is actually the first Lilly Pulitzer clothing I've bought (aside from a few things from the Lilly for Target campaign) and besides working as a cover-up it's great for cooler nights.
I think it's safe to say Lily is not a big fan of the pool considering she jumped out a second after Bailey took this picture. She'd much rather dig a hole in the mud under a bush, so I took her pool over as my personal hot tub for the day.
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