July 9, 2015

Field Frolicking

I have wanted to do a shoot in an overgrown field for so long and I found the perfect one across from Adams Ricci park, but then it rained...and rained...and rained. When the weather was finally nice and started to dry... they mowed the field and have kept it that way since. I was so sad about it. There aren't many public fields around us so I was so excited to find that one. Then a few days later, my mom calls me and says "I found the perfect field of wildflowers". Yes! Even better than tall grass and it was only two minutes from my house. So I bribed Bailey with chicken fried rice and popcorn and we were off for the shoot of my dreams. A few days later, the field was cut down and has been maintained since. Sad about it.
This was one of my go-to's during student teaching when I didn't feel like wearing pants and in the colder months I would just throw on a pair of patterned Muk Luks tights and a pair of boots and I was good to go. 

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