June 4, 2015

Life in Square Photos: NYC Edition (22/52)

Tonight I'm sharing a few of the photos I snapped while in New York last weekend, prepare yourself for too many pictures of the delicious treats I had while in the city. Everything was delicious and I highly recommend stopping by any (or all ;) ) of the spots if you find yourself in the city. 
 I finally invested in a portable charger (BoostCase) because I knew I would be using my phone pretty heavily throughout the day- especially because I'm so directionally challenged.
Baked by Melissa sells the cutest bite-size cupcakes that I told my mom we had to stop by while in the city. Pictured are Cookies and Cream, Mom's Banana Bread, and Cotton Candy Cuparoon (cupcake with a tiny macaron on top- DELICIOUS). 
We stopped at ROC in Tribeca for lunch and shared delicious truffle fries and I tried the crab cake with greens, mmm mmm so good.
For dinner, we went to Uncle Jacks which was a short two blocks away from our hotel and we were treated like celebrities from the moment we walked in. Incredible service, friendly staff, amazing food. Pictured is triple-thick maple bacon- best bacon ever. 
After dinner, my parents and I went up to the roof of our hotel (24th floor. eek) for drinks while overlooking the city. I'm so in love with the city it's impossible to describe. 
On Sunday, Bailey and I went to BookCon so she could see one of her favorite authors, Adi Alsaid (Let's Get Lost) and YouTuber, Shane Dawson. Bailey and I waited in line for a while (I don't remember exactly how long it was) to get a wristband for a photo op with Shane Dawson and signed copy of I Hate My Selfie. As soon as we were finished in line, we headed over to where Adi would be for the book signing in about an hour and I parked Bailey in line while I went to get Starbucks. The line was enormous, but I needed caffeine. A man got in line behind me and I turned around, jealous of all of his pins and noticed he was dressed especially nice, but wasn't going to try to awkwardly start a conversation. The line moves along, I'm waiting for my drink, he's waiting for his. We get them at almost the same time, and I hear "Adi" and I did a double take- wait what? That's not a common name. I went back to wait with Bailey and said "uh, I think Adi was in line behind me at Starbucks". Sure enough, she had seen him walk past and tweeted, he tweeted back saying he was going to get coffee and would be back to take a selfie with her. Bailey and I both tweeted about how I cluelessly stood in front of him and he shows up to the booth, looks at his phone and smiles then points and says "Bailey?" He comes over and asks if we want to take a picture and thanks us for coming- I think Bailey's heart stopped for a moment. He's such a nice guy and even included the selfie he took with Bailey in his Instagram post the other day! 
After Bailey got her signed copy of Let's Get Lost, we walked around the booths, I bought way too many books and then we headed down to get in line for Shane. It was the greatest 15 seconds to meet a YouTuber who I watched years ago when he started his channel. 
So much inspiration. I want a wall like this in my future home. Scratch that- I'll just move into the Macy's Flagship Store, I don't think anyone would even notice.
Mom and I stopped by the street fair and I got the largest strawberry nutella crepe. 
As I mentioned in the last post, we had a bit of a scary drive home where the roads were flooded, cars were stranded and hydroplaning was inevitable- but at least I got to have a yummy Laudree macaron on the way out of the city.

It was a wonderful, eventful trip and I can't wait for the next excuse to head back to the city.

Thank You for Stopping by!xo

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