June 16, 2015

Life in Square Photos 24/52

I only have a short and sweet Life In Square Photos to share this week. 
 I received a Clinical Experience Award for student teaching which was quite exciting and the next day I received my PA teaching certificate for Art PK-12. WooHoo.
 Last week Bailey and I went on a great evening adventure where we shot in three locations, I frolicked and "cartwheeled" (I decided to leave that image to your imagination. Spoiler alert: I have no form, it's embarrassing), ate way too much rice, saw two of my former managers-both named "Tom"- got free popcorn, and Bailey got a picture of me jumping in the air for the first time ever!
 Of course, more food, but my family went out to Pho7Spice (vietnamese cuisine) and although I was hesitant to try it, we got this deliciously, fragrant Pho. 
And I'll end the post with the typical picture of Lily, the classic example of pitbulls that think they're humans. 

Thanks for Stopping by! xo

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  1. Really proud of you for graduating. Love the picture you keep taking you and Bailey. Love you


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