June 10, 2015

Life in Square Photos 23/52

Sorry to those of you who hate feet and you're now looking at a large picture of mine. 
My roommates and I used to joke about our house being haunted by a ghost, named Carol, who never liked me because I moved into her old bedroom, had my parents take down the deathtrap of a ceiling fan, and covered the attic access panel with a tapestry across the ceiling. Oh and because I never believed in her. So whenever anything bizarre would happen-including a time where a clock fell off of the wall and shattered in the middle of the night-we would blame Carol. In fact, we used the phrase so many times that our friends began blaming things on Carol and explaining to newcomers who she was. The tale of Carol continued home with me, where my family also blames Carol for things, and even into my student teaching placements where my one cooperating teacher and I would joke that Carol was making weird things happen around the classroom.
Anyway, so last week I went to step and jump into my bed when I forced my foot down onto a toothpick sticking up in the rug beside my bed. The toothpick broke and splintered inside of my foot and I had to hop back across my room to turn the light back on. So, how did that toothpick get there you ask? Carol, of course. 
 We went out to dinner the other night and left Lily in her cage in the laundry room with a bone. I came home and went into the room to let her out, and there's fluff everywhere. What? How did she get fluff from a bone? I began cleaning up the fluff and notice that she had pulled Macey's blanket into the cage and chewed a hole in it to pull out all of the stuffing. Bad Dog.
 I (accidentally) shared my #NationalDonutDay picture a couple days early last week but the colors were so great, I couldn't resist.
 Mom and I stopped by the East Penn Farmers Market and got some delicious baked treats and some local strawberries. There's nothing quite like fresh picked strawberries.
After about ten years of pink walls, pink carpet, and pink curtains (oh, the decisions of a twelve year old who thought she would never outgrow the all-pink-everything phase), my parents said we-meaning dad-could repaint my walls. It's amazing how much less juvenile my room looks without the pink walls and illustrated border. I can't wait to finish decorating the space and you can be sure I'll share photos of it when I do!
And I'll end this post with way too much puppy love- thank goodness Macey was too afraid to jump up on the hammock or the hammock might have fallen!

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