June 22, 2015

Father's Day Picnic

Mom and I thought a Father's Day picnic would be fun, so we went out on Saturday and bought some cheeses, meats, fruits and chips.We went to a park along the Susquehanna River to enjoy our lunch with a whole bunch of nature (bugs, bugs everywhere).
 I had this brilliant vision of an aerial picture of our picnic except it wasn't nearly as simple as I had expected...
I have a flexible tripod and I thought oh, all I have to do is bend this around a treebranch and I'll be set. But I failed to take the weight of my camera lens into account, and it was far too heavy for the tripod to hold.
I was getting hangry and quite irritated. Defeated, I threw my tripod down on the table. Thankfully, Bailey had her camera along which has a much lighter lens and we were able to get the photo at the top which was almost what I had envisioned.
After lunch, I was finally able to secure my camera onto a smaller tree branch and I had my family move over to the ground in hopes of achieving my aerial family photo.. and then I cut myself out of the pictures.. Kudos to any of you who have been able to capture an aerial group picture. I envy you greatly.
How cute is mom in her Lilly Pulitzer watermelon pants-that matched my clutch perfectly-and her Max Studio top?
Here's to the man who taught us to "poke it with a stick", we love you.
How did you celebrate Father's Day?

Have a Great Week! xo


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