June 30, 2015

Life In Square Photos 25 & 26/52

So, I completely forgot to post last week's Life in Square Photos, oops. I also didn't take many pictures the last two weeks so I'm just going to combine two weeks for the sake of playing catch-up. 
My family went out to Au Bon Lieu, the cutest little creperie in downtown Harrisburg, before going to see Jurassic World in 3D-which I never find worth it but in this case,it was.
The new limited edition Lokai to support World Wildlife Fund was released on June 15. Lokai will donate to World Wildlife Fund One Dollar for each Wild Bracelet sold between June 15, 2015 and July 28, 2015 with a minimum contribution of $250,000. Get yours before they're gone!
I ordered this sweet little three-eyed cat from Buried Diamond for a far-off DIY project. I am in love with Martha's handwriting and her packaging was adorable, it was like getting a package from a friend. If you don't follow her on Instagram, you should and you can shop her store here. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of her charms- they're too cute!
I've been working on (yet another) project and I found inspiration from my favorite NYX Matte Lip Color (Pale Pink) to create little polymer clay earrings.
Don't Forget: Today is the last day to use code CHARPOLOGY35 to get $35 off your order at eShakti (see details/ my picks). eShakti is also offering 50% off today only, in case you weren't already tempted enough!
 I just ordered these pants, this dress, and this skirt and I was SO tempted to buy this dress.
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June 27, 2015

Sister Style: Denim Vest

It's been a while since Bailey and I have shot a sister style but our Father's Day Picnic proved to be the perfect opportunity. As per usual, we were semi-matching in our own personal styles: denim vests, shorts/ rompers, and sandals/ sneakers. It's funny how we manage to match without planning it so often- it has to be that special sister bond ;).
Anyway I'm spending the rest of the weekend trying to get my room finished- I can't wait to share the finished product once I make some final decorating decisions! 

 Bailey's Look: 
Vest:Target // Romper: Aeropostale // Sunnies: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Converse
Shop Similar Styles:

My Look: Vest: Urban Outfitters // Shirt: Cotton On // Shorts: American Eagle // Hat: Lilly for Target // Sunnies: Ray Ban // Shoes: Target // Watermelon Clutch: ASOS

Shop Similar Styles:
Have A Great Weekend! xo

June 23, 2015

eShakti: Boho Contemporary

You may remember a few months back when I teamed up with eShakti to bring you 1 cape styled 2 ways and to talk about my love for their tagline "Real Fashion for Real People". I haven't been online shopping nearly as much as I used to (or would like to) because, as you may recall, I spent the first weeks of summer purging my closet. I've been working on buying things I can style multiple different ways and wear throughout the year to really make the most of my closet, especially as I look for a teaching position. However, I couldn't resist when eShakti asked me to share about some of their great features they've recently introduced like thematic categories, introduced new products like pants, shorts, and jumpsuits, and the updated the look of their site.
I was over the moon when I saw the thematic categories of Bohemian and Contemporary and immediately began searching for my favorites. I narrowed it down to my top four each category-which was not an easy task-for what I would be most likely to wear over and over again.

1 Cutout Neck Top // 2 Stripe Joggers // 3 Cream Ruffle Dress // 4 Graphic Print Dress

Could the ruffle dress be a more perfect LWD?  I can see this being styled different ways all year long. Consider me sold.

 1 Floral Blouse // 2 Twill Ankle Pants // 3 Ruffle Top // 4 Cactus Joggers

eShakti has also introduced a great new feature to the site where you can see customization options, share, and "quick view" when hovering over an item. This is a big improvement for me because I'm a chronic open-every-item-I-like-in-a-new-tab-so-I-can-see-the-details shopper and this cuts down on my overload of tabs which often makes my computer black out and restart (hang in there, baby).

eShakti is offering all of you a $35 Gift Coupon until the end of the month AND today is the last day for free shipping, so act fast!
GC CODE: CHARPOLOGY35Valid till 06/30/2015

Enter this code in the 'Gift Coupon / Referral Code' box at checkout

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Not valid on previous purchases / purchase of gift cards.

This gift coupon cannot be transferred, re-issued or exchanged for cash.
Minimum order value $30.
Make A Statement In Bold Pants Or Shorts!

What piece(s)/ collection are your favorite?
I, not so surprisingly, love all of the patterned pants and shorts, but the cactus print is a must for my growing collection.

Happy Shopping!

This post was created in partnership with eShakti. All opinions are completely my own.

June 22, 2015

Father's Day Picnic

Mom and I thought a Father's Day picnic would be fun, so we went out on Saturday and bought some cheeses, meats, fruits and chips.We went to a park along the Susquehanna River to enjoy our lunch with a whole bunch of nature (bugs, bugs everywhere).
 I had this brilliant vision of an aerial picture of our picnic except it wasn't nearly as simple as I had expected...
I have a flexible tripod and I thought oh, all I have to do is bend this around a treebranch and I'll be set. But I failed to take the weight of my camera lens into account, and it was far too heavy for the tripod to hold.
I was getting hangry and quite irritated. Defeated, I threw my tripod down on the table. Thankfully, Bailey had her camera along which has a much lighter lens and we were able to get the photo at the top which was almost what I had envisioned.
After lunch, I was finally able to secure my camera onto a smaller tree branch and I had my family move over to the ground in hopes of achieving my aerial family photo.. and then I cut myself out of the pictures.. Kudos to any of you who have been able to capture an aerial group picture. I envy you greatly.
How cute is mom in her Lilly Pulitzer watermelon pants-that matched my clutch perfectly-and her Max Studio top?
Here's to the man who taught us to "poke it with a stick", we love you.
How did you celebrate Father's Day?

Have a Great Week! xo

June 19, 2015

Orange Is The New Neutral

 Happy Friday Everyone! This week just flew by between working, interviews/ prep, binging Orange Is The New Black (anyone else? I'm dying to talk to someone about it!), slowly rearranging my room and lots and lots of blog prep.
I found these ridiculously comfy pants and sweater by Free People when I was in New York and, if it were acceptable, I would never ever take them off. They're just a match made in comfort heaven. Have you noticed I'm all about comfort yet? If it's not comfortable there's a 95% chance I won't buy it- the 5% being shoes, I often buy shoes that aren't comfortable because I convince myself that they will get better with time but I rarely give them a chance. Speaking of which, when I went shopping for an outfit for graduation, I found these flatforms at Cotton On and thought, eh I'm sure I'll find something else. Two days later, I was back in the store and bought them for $10 and didn't regret it for a moment. I wore them almost every day my last week and a half of school because they're that comfy, like, fourteen-hours-no-looking-back comfy. Unfortunately they're no longer available but I tagged some similar ones below that I hope live up to these (I want them in every color possible).

Top: Free People // Pants: Free People // Sunnies: Urban Outfitters // Flatforms: Cotton On
Shop Similar Styles Below:

Have A Great Weekend! xo

June 16, 2015

Life in Square Photos 24/52

I only have a short and sweet Life In Square Photos to share this week. 
 I received a Clinical Experience Award for student teaching which was quite exciting and the next day I received my PA teaching certificate for Art PK-12. WooHoo.
 Last week Bailey and I went on a great evening adventure where we shot in three locations, I frolicked and "cartwheeled" (I decided to leave that image to your imagination. Spoiler alert: I have no form, it's embarrassing), ate way too much rice, saw two of my former managers-both named "Tom"- got free popcorn, and Bailey got a picture of me jumping in the air for the first time ever!
 Of course, more food, but my family went out to Pho7Spice (vietnamese cuisine) and although I was hesitant to try it, we got this deliciously, fragrant Pho. 
And I'll end the post with the typical picture of Lily, the classic example of pitbulls that think they're humans. 

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June 14, 2015

Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is next Sunday, June 21st (is it just me or is this month is flying by?) and thinking of gifts for guys can be so hard so I'm taking a break from normally girly posts to share some last minute gift ideas for the guys.

Happy Shopping! xo

June 12, 2015

Birks & Bourke

You'll surely notice (if you haven't already) that I've transitioned from the skinniest of skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans being my go-to pant of choice. I love the looser style, especially with plenty of rips and distressing. Not to say I plan of cutting out skinny jeans, but they have become my second choice. This vintage top has been on repeat because it's so easy to slip on with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, high-waisted shorts, or even the matching skort.
Top: Vintage (Similar) // Jeans: Gap // Monkey Bracelet: Bauble Bar // Sunnies: Ray Ban // Shoes: Birkenstock // Purse: Vintage Dooney & Bourke
Shop This Look:

Have a Great Weekend! xo

June 10, 2015

Life in Square Photos 23/52

Sorry to those of you who hate feet and you're now looking at a large picture of mine. 
My roommates and I used to joke about our house being haunted by a ghost, named Carol, who never liked me because I moved into her old bedroom, had my parents take down the deathtrap of a ceiling fan, and covered the attic access panel with a tapestry across the ceiling. Oh and because I never believed in her. So whenever anything bizarre would happen-including a time where a clock fell off of the wall and shattered in the middle of the night-we would blame Carol. In fact, we used the phrase so many times that our friends began blaming things on Carol and explaining to newcomers who she was. The tale of Carol continued home with me, where my family also blames Carol for things, and even into my student teaching placements where my one cooperating teacher and I would joke that Carol was making weird things happen around the classroom.
Anyway, so last week I went to step and jump into my bed when I forced my foot down onto a toothpick sticking up in the rug beside my bed. The toothpick broke and splintered inside of my foot and I had to hop back across my room to turn the light back on. So, how did that toothpick get there you ask? Carol, of course. 
 We went out to dinner the other night and left Lily in her cage in the laundry room with a bone. I came home and went into the room to let her out, and there's fluff everywhere. What? How did she get fluff from a bone? I began cleaning up the fluff and notice that she had pulled Macey's blanket into the cage and chewed a hole in it to pull out all of the stuffing. Bad Dog.
 I (accidentally) shared my #NationalDonutDay picture a couple days early last week but the colors were so great, I couldn't resist.
 Mom and I stopped by the East Penn Farmers Market and got some delicious baked treats and some local strawberries. There's nothing quite like fresh picked strawberries.
After about ten years of pink walls, pink carpet, and pink curtains (oh, the decisions of a twelve year old who thought she would never outgrow the all-pink-everything phase), my parents said we-meaning dad-could repaint my walls. It's amazing how much less juvenile my room looks without the pink walls and illustrated border. I can't wait to finish decorating the space and you can be sure I'll share photos of it when I do!
And I'll end this post with way too much puppy love- thank goodness Macey was too afraid to jump up on the hammock or the hammock might have fallen!

Thanks for Stopping by! xo

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