May 19, 2015

Life in Square Photos 20/52

It's so good to be home and to have time to plan a million projects and adventures, the hardest part has been deciding where to start. I've been busily working on getting my room together after the atrocious picture I showed you all last week of all of the stuff I had accumulated. Now that I am almost finished my mind has been wandering onto what project I will take on next. I'm thinking after the amount of organizing and rearranging that my next project will be more craft-oriented and I'll keep you posted on whatever decision I make.  
My room/closets took me all week to complete which, I know, sounds ridiculous but I did a lot of purging (five bags of trash, three trash bags of clothes, two grocery bags of shoes and a trash bag of stuffed animals to donate) and organizing to get it exactly how I want it (for now). I can't wait for it to be 100% finished because all of the little piles drive me crazy. 
 Dad bought a new (400 lb) grill that was too awkward and heavy for us (mom, dad, and I) to get onto the porch, so through the house it went. 
 "What do you mean you just folded these? They don't look folded to me."
Every time I would fold clothes, Lily would run over and knock the pile over and she and Macey would sit/ lay on the pile and stare at me tails wagging.
I just had to document the fact that these two were actually sharing. I didn't think they knew the meaning of the word.  
Kyle and I had an exciting weekend of plans from Chickies and Pete's (mmm Crab Fries) Friday night to seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron  at Movie Tavern Saturday afternoon and going to a party with some college friends that night. 

 Sunday, we woke up and went to my first Phillies game and although the weather seemed questionable, it was a perfect overcast day to sit and enjoy some baseball. 
We had great seats where we could've gotten a picture with the field in the background, but Kyle didn't want me to ask the people behind us to take a picture. So, I asked the largest group I could find to take a picture of us with this statue instead. I wasn't letting him get out of there without a picture ha ha. 

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