May 12, 2015

Life in Square Photos 18&19/ 52

Heres a few of the photos I've taken the last two weeks, I figured I would just group the two weeks again because I didn't take many at all for week 18 but I still wanted to share a few highlights.
 I learned a little about glass fusion while I was in my last placement for student teaching and I was so excited when my cooperating teacher asked me to make little pieces for thank you cards. I printed this photo of the mural and made little triangular fused glass pieces to represent a tile of the mural and give the cards a little bit of a 3-D element. 
 One of my roommates brought her tortoise to school to use for an elementary lesson about adaptation. I swear I could have watched him walk around and eat grass all afternoon, he's such a beautiful creature. 
P.S. the red all over his face is juice from a strawberry, not blood.
 And this is part of the organized chaos I was surrounded for a few days as I prepared my portfolio. 
 One of my students brought me a delicious vegan chocolate peanut butter cake from Vegan Treats and it was almost too pretty to eat. Now I have to go back to Bethlehem so I can try more of their delicious looking treats. 
 I put off taking down the decorations and tapestries in my room until the very last minute which was nice because I could focus on my portfolio in my cozy room but it was so sad to see them all come down and see the bare walls and ceiling after having it so decorated for two years. 
I love fresh flowers and I got these bright colorful ones from Kyle and beautiful pink roses (not pictured) from my family which is helping make my (disaster of a) room look much more pretty and put together. 
 Kyle and I made our last alley walk for Spuds on Friday night. Spuds was my go-to I'm-too-lazy-to-cook-let's-order-food place for the last three years so it was a bit of a sentimental last trip. 
 The last box of Frying Dutchman because how can you leave a town without getting some gourmet donuts? 
Top Row: Thin Mint, Chocolate Covered Banana, Creamsicle
Bottom Row: Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Monkeybread
Sorry for all of the food pictures in a row, I must be hungry. ha ha. But on Sunday I came home to go to brunch at The Millworks in Harrisburg and it was delicious. It is a local, sustainable menu restaurant and is sourced from Central PA growers which makes a limited, seasonal menu. I love the atmosphere and highly recommend checking it out if you're in the area because there are some incredible artists working in the space.
 When I finally made it up to my room that night, I noticed the bathroom floor was wet and my mom and I looked up to see the AC was leaking through my ceiling in my shower and right outside the bathroom. Thankfully I came home when I did so we could catch the issue before the drywall was in the bath tub.
But now, I must continue to tackle this disaster of a room. This is just some of the accumulation of stuff over three years and having two places to store it until now.. scary. Needless to say I will be very    busy this week sorting, organizing, and purging this mess and I plan to photograph some clothes and accessories to sell- I'll be sharing more on all of that later.

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