May 13, 2015

Kutztown: A Graduation

So, let me tell you all a little about my graduation experience at Kutztown University. I was cleared and denied for graduation three times this semester before finally being cleared the afternoon before the graduation ceremony. 
About five or six weeks into the semester I discovered I was enrolled in the wrong Student Exhibition (I was enrolled in Fine Arts instead of Art Ed) and had met the requirements for both courses but needed it to be listed as the correct course on my transcript. I had no idea what to do when I received an email from the Fine Arts Exhibition Instructor saying I missed an exhibition meeting and I would not pass the course because meetings are mandatory. I had already shown my piece in the Art Education Senior Show so I wasn't sure what meeting he was referring to anyway. In my typical fashion, I went into a panic because I was at my student teaching placement and there was nothing I could do about it until I made it back to Kutztown. On top of that, I didn't know who to go to because I did not have an advisor due to her being on sabbatical for the semester and I was never assigned a substitute advisor. I talked to my cooperating teacher who recommended going to the Art Education Secretary to see what she suggested I do so as soon as I made it back to KU that's exactly what I did. Except she wasn't in her office. Panicking again. But who happens to come up to her office at this exact moment but my Student Teaching Supervisor, phew. I explained the situation to my supervisor who then asked the head of Art Education if he had a moment to speak with me and the two of them helped me get the course substituted that week. Problem solved.
The Friday before Spring break rolls around and I get a certified letter sent to my home in Mechanicsburg (where I do not live while school is in session) saying I have a course listed as an Incomplete and if it is not submitted by April 3rd I will receive an 'F'. Student teachers were not granted a Spring Break this year, so had my parents not opened the letter I would have had no way of knowing this information as the instructor told me I had until May 9th to submit my work. Well, I'm not going to get into the details why the course was listed as an incomplete further than the fact that there was a lot of unprofessional behavior occurring which prevented the course from being completed on time. I scheduled a time with the professor to meet to critique/submit the work I created with no formal instruction, and she didn't show up. Prepared for this, I submitted everything in labeled folders, slid it under the door and emailed the professor explaining exactly what I had done since she was not there. She submitted my grade on time so then I just had to wait for the registrar's office to submit the grade. The grade was not posted until April 20th after 5pm. But hey, I got an A so looks like I'm cleared to graduate! Woo Hoo!
Last Wednesday (3 days before graduation), I get an email from Kutztown at 1 O'Clock saying that I haven't registered for the Fall Semester and there were reasons I may not have registered and what I needed to do if I fell under any of those categories. I responded saying I was under the impression I was graduating which is why I wouldn't be registering for classes. To which the person had emailed the registrar's office inquiring what my status was and this was the response: She was denied by the department and myself. She was missing ARU399 and had an “I” grade. She has since added ARU399 and resolved the “I” grade. Her Certified Letter came back unclaimed, which would explain why she did not contact us to resolve the issue. Subsequently, she did not make it into the commencement program, but she could be reinstated. 
EXCUSE ME?! This had all been taken care of by April 3rd on my part however, it had not been processed in time by the registrar's office in time which prevented me from being listed in the program AND I had to hand write my name card the day of graduation.
Needless to say, I am just glad to be done with the whiplash of graduation anxiety.
This is my incredible Student Teaching Supervisor, Dr. Hovanec, who helped keep me positive and focused on student teaching despite the unfortunate events occurring behind the scenes. She is truly an inspiration and my teaching philosophy has been modeled off of her teaching style and it's been incredible to have her support and influence through my Art Education experience. 
 Of course, I had to have Kyle at the ceremony because I attended his two years ago. 
Woo Hoo  KU Grads.
 My supportive family had to sit through the entire three hour ceremony because I was in the third to last row. oops.
Now onto the next adventure!

Thanks for Stopping by! xo


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