April 20, 2015

Mosaic Project with Isaiah Zagar

 I shared a little in the last post about the mosaic mural project I was working on last week and now I'm excited to share a little more about it and show you the final product. However, I unfortunately don't have an unobstructed view to share today but I plan to take one later this week for the next Life in Square Photos. The mural is located at the entrance to the town of Emmaus on the Emmaus Public Library. The design was created by the art teachers of East Penn School District and shows several icons within the city such as; the Moravian Church, the trains that pass through Emmaus frequently, the Triangle Park Fountain, the library, and the theater doors. 
The first step was to follow all of the lines with pieces of mirror and it's amazing how the mural interacts with its surroundings. 
 Then we placed the large "blobs" with glass hands throughout the mural and began breaking and placing tiles made by the students and faculty for the last two and a half years.
It was an incredible experience to work with a community who supports the arts and to work on something that will remain in the community for years to come. 
Not to mention what an amazing opportunity it was to work under the instruction of Philadelphia artist, Isaiah Zagar who has developed a beautiful style of mosaic that interacts with the environment and engages viewers of all ages.
It has me thinking about what I can mosaic next.
To learn more/ see more pictures you can visit the project's webpage.
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