April 26, 2015

Life in Square Photos 16&17/ 52

 The last couple weeks have been busy (as usual) and I never got around to sharing last week's Life in Square photos so this is a little twofer to get back on track with my weekly posts. I realized on Friday that I only have nine days left of student teaching- yikes, where did the time go?! 
 One of my favorite things about waking up early for school is that (when it's nice) I get to watch the sun rise which makes the drive so beautiful. 
Last weekend was so beautiful all the pups and I wanted to do was sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I love how Lily always tries to kiss Macey, she's so affectionate it's insane.
I had to get pretty creative and make some bandaids out of painter's tape and tissues to avoid painful blisters when wearing my leopard booties at school because the school nurse was out of anything but huge butterfly bandaids. As bad as the "bandaids" may look, they actually worked very successfully and prevented mu usual blisters!
The high school has an AfterBall after the Senior Prom for students to have a fun, safe place to hang out with their friends. This year's theme is The Great Beyond aka a space theme and it has been so much fun painting different props. This specific sign for the temporary tattoos area takes on the name of the planet in Star Wars as a play on words. Anyway, I sponge painted the background to look dusty and cracked and love the way it came out.
My Co-op has a design class that she calls "Top Toast Design Company" and for the 
"board meeting" where students presented ideas for a class t-shirt design she made french toast and students put their designs on little t-shirt templates.
Yesterday Kyle and I went looking for a simple, black, leather-look portfolio for my teaching portfolio and it was far more difficult than I anticipated. We went to four office supply stores before finally finding one (that wasn't already broken). 
Lily's favorite thing as of late is to army crawl everywhere- I swear for a pup with so much energy, she sure is lazy. 
My family came back from their trip (Hawaii and San Francisco) yesterday and Kyle and I went to pick them up from the airport. I've always wanted to take pictures on one of the moving walkways and was finally able to sucker someone into playing on them with me (in an empty hallway, of course).

Hope you had a Great Weekend! xo

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