April 16, 2015

Life in Square Photos 15/52

It's been another crazy, busy week- I feel like all of my posts have been starting out with that lately, ha ha. I'm also having some serious issues with my computer experiencing random blackouts more and more frequently which has made editing content/ writing posts quite difficult. But I've been working so many fun Art Education posts I can't wait to share with all of you. Once I'm home for the summer I'll have access to my wonderful sister/ photographer to shoot some of the outfits I've styled for student teaching and some of my casual looks.
 A little sneak peak of art education posts coming soon.
My cooperating teacher bought all of the art teachers a pair of pencil socks- a hint towards the next lesson I am teaching!
I could tell I haven't cooked anything on the stove in a while when this picture occurred. I turned on the burner, placed a pot of water on it, and waited about 20 minutes and couldn't understand why my water wasn't boiling at all. Then we smelled something burning so I checked the dials and realized I turned on the front rather than the rear burner. The front burner was covered by this large metal lid and I could feel the heat radiating off of it and was scared to touch it. My roommate grabbed a washcloth to carry it outside to cool off and it was so hot that the washcloth actually melted and fused onto the enameling of the lid. Such a scary moment. 
 I got out and explained kneaded erasers and their uses in shading. I have this new habit of walking around and playing with the kneaded eraser when, silly me, kneaded the eraser into my hair. It was quite embarrassing and, as you can see, difficult to remove.
 This past weekend, Kyle and I had the incredible opportunity to work with the East Penn Art Teachers, and upper level students to create a mosaic with Philadelphia Artist, Isaiah Zagar. We learned so many new techniques and worked using the method Isaiah has developed. 
 It was an incredible opportunity to talk to Julia Zagar about a variety of topics and work under the supervision of a man who made a name for himself in a style of mosaic often referred to as brickalage  with folk art influences. I had yet to have the pleasure of visiting The Magic Gardens yet, but I'm working on plans for the very near future. 
I love the way he uses mirrors to outline the imagery. It really causes your eye to move around and creates an interaction with the surrounding environment. 
I'm still in shock that we were able to tile the entire wall in 6 1/2 hours. It's amazing what a solid workforce is capable of achieving. I'll be posting a picture of the full mural next week when the scaffolding is taken down!

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