April 8, 2015

Life in Square Photos 14/52

It's been another busy week but I snapped a hodge podge of pictures before the multitude of Easter photos
I've been working on creating a sketchbook with the same assignments students are to complete for exemplars. I'll be sharing more on this at the end of the semester. 
 I've had this fascination with chameleons since a line/ design based wire sculpture (that I see on display in every time I'm home). On one of our family trips to the pet store for dog food I wandered off (my family calls it squirreling-this clip will illustrate why), as I always do, and my love for chameleons grew. Their ability to rotate their eyes independently 180 degrees is both creepy and incredible but the thing I love the most (besides their camouflaging abilities) is how painfully slowly they move towards their destination and how each tiny movement seems to require all the strength in those twig legs. So, to answer the ever burning question If you were an animal, what would you be? I would be a chameleon, the adaptable reptile.
My go-to froyo creation is usually Caramel, Cake Batter or Cheesecake froyo with poppers, usually strawberry (would it be socially acceptable for me to just fill a 12oz. cup with these),  cookie dough bites and either brownie or cheesecake bits.
What's your go-to froyo creation?
 These girls are obsessed with this "hopping" bunny now that they've moved past fear and moved towards the desire to destroy it.
 How great are the colors in my dad's terrarium?
 Attack kisses from the sweetest little bully. 
 My parents recently redecorated our side porch and it was so great to spend my day off working in this bright and colorful space. 
Jacket: Abercrombie // Sweatshirt: Cotton On // Pants: Guess // Sneakers: New Balance x Kate Spade
My sweatshirt says it all "I'm not a morning person", but student-teaching and my job at home have certainly helped me to be able to wake up, get ready, and turn on my happy face on. On the weekends, however, I'm usually recuperating from the lack of sleep during the week (I have the hardest time going to bed at a decent time) and wearing the comfiest clothes possible (these sneaks have been on repeat every Saturday since my birthday).

Thanks for Stopping by! xo

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