April 26, 2015

Life in Square Photos 16&17/ 52

 The last couple weeks have been busy (as usual) and I never got around to sharing last week's Life in Square photos so this is a little twofer to get back on track with my weekly posts. I realized on Friday that I only have nine days left of student teaching- yikes, where did the time go?! 
 One of my favorite things about waking up early for school is that (when it's nice) I get to watch the sun rise which makes the drive so beautiful. 
Last weekend was so beautiful all the pups and I wanted to do was sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I love how Lily always tries to kiss Macey, she's so affectionate it's insane.
I had to get pretty creative and make some bandaids out of painter's tape and tissues to avoid painful blisters when wearing my leopard booties at school because the school nurse was out of anything but huge butterfly bandaids. As bad as the "bandaids" may look, they actually worked very successfully and prevented mu usual blisters!
The high school has an AfterBall after the Senior Prom for students to have a fun, safe place to hang out with their friends. This year's theme is The Great Beyond aka a space theme and it has been so much fun painting different props. This specific sign for the temporary tattoos area takes on the name of the planet in Star Wars as a play on words. Anyway, I sponge painted the background to look dusty and cracked and love the way it came out.
My Co-op has a design class that she calls "Top Toast Design Company" and for the 
"board meeting" where students presented ideas for a class t-shirt design she made french toast and students put their designs on little t-shirt templates.
Yesterday Kyle and I went looking for a simple, black, leather-look portfolio for my teaching portfolio and it was far more difficult than I anticipated. We went to four office supply stores before finally finding one (that wasn't already broken). 
Lily's favorite thing as of late is to army crawl everywhere- I swear for a pup with so much energy, she sure is lazy. 
My family came back from their trip (Hawaii and San Francisco) yesterday and Kyle and I went to pick them up from the airport. I've always wanted to take pictures on one of the moving walkways and was finally able to sucker someone into playing on them with me (in an empty hallway, of course).

Hope you had a Great Weekend! xo

April 20, 2015

Mosaic Project with Isaiah Zagar

 I shared a little in the last post about the mosaic mural project I was working on last week and now I'm excited to share a little more about it and show you the final product. However, I unfortunately don't have an unobstructed view to share today but I plan to take one later this week for the next Life in Square Photos. The mural is located at the entrance to the town of Emmaus on the Emmaus Public Library. The design was created by the art teachers of East Penn School District and shows several icons within the city such as; the Moravian Church, the trains that pass through Emmaus frequently, the Triangle Park Fountain, the library, and the theater doors. 
The first step was to follow all of the lines with pieces of mirror and it's amazing how the mural interacts with its surroundings. 
 Then we placed the large "blobs" with glass hands throughout the mural and began breaking and placing tiles made by the students and faculty for the last two and a half years.
It was an incredible experience to work with a community who supports the arts and to work on something that will remain in the community for years to come. 
Not to mention what an amazing opportunity it was to work under the instruction of Philadelphia artist, Isaiah Zagar who has developed a beautiful style of mosaic that interacts with the environment and engages viewers of all ages.
It has me thinking about what I can mosaic next.
To learn more/ see more pictures you can visit the project's webpage.
Thanks for stopping by! xo

April 16, 2015

Life in Square Photos 15/52

It's been another crazy, busy week- I feel like all of my posts have been starting out with that lately, ha ha. I'm also having some serious issues with my computer experiencing random blackouts more and more frequently which has made editing content/ writing posts quite difficult. But I've been working so many fun Art Education posts I can't wait to share with all of you. Once I'm home for the summer I'll have access to my wonderful sister/ photographer to shoot some of the outfits I've styled for student teaching and some of my casual looks.
 A little sneak peak of art education posts coming soon.
My cooperating teacher bought all of the art teachers a pair of pencil socks- a hint towards the next lesson I am teaching!
I could tell I haven't cooked anything on the stove in a while when this picture occurred. I turned on the burner, placed a pot of water on it, and waited about 20 minutes and couldn't understand why my water wasn't boiling at all. Then we smelled something burning so I checked the dials and realized I turned on the front rather than the rear burner. The front burner was covered by this large metal lid and I could feel the heat radiating off of it and was scared to touch it. My roommate grabbed a washcloth to carry it outside to cool off and it was so hot that the washcloth actually melted and fused onto the enameling of the lid. Such a scary moment. 
 I got out and explained kneaded erasers and their uses in shading. I have this new habit of walking around and playing with the kneaded eraser when, silly me, kneaded the eraser into my hair. It was quite embarrassing and, as you can see, difficult to remove.
 This past weekend, Kyle and I had the incredible opportunity to work with the East Penn Art Teachers, and upper level students to create a mosaic with Philadelphia Artist, Isaiah Zagar. We learned so many new techniques and worked using the method Isaiah has developed. 
 It was an incredible opportunity to talk to Julia Zagar about a variety of topics and work under the supervision of a man who made a name for himself in a style of mosaic often referred to as brickalage  with folk art influences. I had yet to have the pleasure of visiting The Magic Gardens yet, but I'm working on plans for the very near future. 
I love the way he uses mirrors to outline the imagery. It really causes your eye to move around and creates an interaction with the surrounding environment. 
I'm still in shock that we were able to tile the entire wall in 6 1/2 hours. It's amazing what a solid workforce is capable of achieving. I'll be posting a picture of the full mural next week when the scaffolding is taken down!

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April 8, 2015

Life in Square Photos 14/52

It's been another busy week but I snapped a hodge podge of pictures before the multitude of Easter photos
I've been working on creating a sketchbook with the same assignments students are to complete for exemplars. I'll be sharing more on this at the end of the semester. 
 I've had this fascination with chameleons since a line/ design based wire sculpture (that I see on display in every time I'm home). On one of our family trips to the pet store for dog food I wandered off (my family calls it squirreling-this clip will illustrate why), as I always do, and my love for chameleons grew. Their ability to rotate their eyes independently 180 degrees is both creepy and incredible but the thing I love the most (besides their camouflaging abilities) is how painfully slowly they move towards their destination and how each tiny movement seems to require all the strength in those twig legs. So, to answer the ever burning question If you were an animal, what would you be? I would be a chameleon, the adaptable reptile.
My go-to froyo creation is usually Caramel, Cake Batter or Cheesecake froyo with poppers, usually strawberry (would it be socially acceptable for me to just fill a 12oz. cup with these),  cookie dough bites and either brownie or cheesecake bits.
What's your go-to froyo creation?
 These girls are obsessed with this "hopping" bunny now that they've moved past fear and moved towards the desire to destroy it.
 How great are the colors in my dad's terrarium?
 Attack kisses from the sweetest little bully. 
 My parents recently redecorated our side porch and it was so great to spend my day off working in this bright and colorful space. 
Jacket: Abercrombie // Sweatshirt: Cotton On // Pants: Guess // Sneakers: New Balance x Kate Spade
My sweatshirt says it all "I'm not a morning person", but student-teaching and my job at home have certainly helped me to be able to wake up, get ready, and turn on my happy face on. On the weekends, however, I'm usually recuperating from the lack of sleep during the week (I have the hardest time going to bed at a decent time) and wearing the comfiest clothes possible (these sneaks have been on repeat every Saturday since my birthday).

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April 6, 2015

From my Family to You...

We hope you had a fabulous Easter! We had a visit from the Easter Bully and the Easter Doodle (they were thrilled to wear the ears once they were bribed with peanut butter treats).
"Have your peeps call my peeps".
Every Christmas and Easter we have chocolate croissants in our pjs. 
 Bailey's Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger // Dress: Aeropostale // Shoes: Converse 
Mom's Shirt: J.Jill // Flats: J.Crew
My Details Shirt: Bailey's // Slip: Great Grandmother's // Shoes: J. Crew // Necklace: J.Crew
I think it's safe to say Lily loved her first Easter, especially the egg hunt. 
"I knew she was going to post them."

Have a Great Week!xo

April 3, 2015

Spring Neutrals

As the weather (slowly) warms up, my outfits go through an awkward stage. By awkward, I mean mixing layers that might not typically be paired together but help stay warm/ cool enough through the whole day. I'm seriously looking forward to warmer days and lighter layers, but for now I'm content with fuzzy sweaters and breezy skirts. 
Sweater: Target (Similar) // Skirt: Forever 21 (Similar) // Booties: Bethany Mota (Similar) // Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Below I have compiled a few of my favorite Cropped Sweaters and Maxi Skirts under $50:

Have a Great Weekend!xo
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