March 22, 2015

Life in Square Photos 12/52

It's been an overwhelmingly busy week and I barely remembered to take any pictures. I still have an abundance of things to accomplish before Tuesday so I'm going to have to keep this one short.
Monday morning I was so excited because my Dunkin' order was my favorite number and to have a Cookie Dough Swirl iced coffee mmmm.
Just one of the many reasons I dislike grocery shopping, the other patrons have entirely too much time on their hands and turn all the packages around.
I already began teaching at my second placement and have begun covering perspective and composition. One of the assignments was to draw twenty boxes in one point perspective showing different viewpoints (bird's eye, worm's eye, and eye level). An additional assignment for people who finished early was to choose a word (or two) at least four letters long and writing it in one point and two draw it showing one point and two point perspectives. 
If you're thinking "hey, haven't we seen this photo before?" believe it or not, it snowed and we had an early dismissal Friday. What a way to start spring.
Yesterday the Senior Exhibition opened so Kyle and I stopped by to check it out. It's definitely exciting to see your work on display and I'm so happy I decided to paint this piece specifically for the show. 

Hope you had a great weekend! xo

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