March 9, 2015

Life in Square Photos 10/52

So, last week we had a two hour delay and three snow days making it a five day weekend a.k.a. my spring break. The university was prepared for the abundance of snow days this year and decided student teachers wouldn't have a spring break. I'm actually really glad that we still have this week with our first placement because we just started another one of my lessons and I'd love to see some of their finished works. I also designed a super fun assignment board (as promised) but forgot to take a picture of it before the abundance of snow.   
 You know you're in Kutztown when there is a horse parked behind your house.... or something along those lines...
 On our second snow day, my roommates and I all walked out to gather some of the top layer of the untouched snow to make snow slushies.
 I think you get that I only took pictures of snow this week the very few times I left my room.
Until Saturday when I went to The Frying Dutchman to get Kyle and I some of these yummy donuts. [ Monkey Bread, Thin Mint, Chocolate Covered Banana, 
Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies and Cream ]

Have a Great Warm Week! xo

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