March 30, 2015

Life in Square Photos 13/52

Happy Monday! As I mentioned, it was quite a busy week last week and I almost forgot to take pictures all together! Here are the very few I did take:
 I'm still loving the opportunity to write/ draw on the board. It's been funny teaching foundations of drawing because the activities remind me so much of the ones I did when I was in high school.
 These boots are seriously made for walking. We went on a walking field trip on Wednesday and I took over 16,000 steps and was still able to wear them the next day. I'm seriously obsessed and want them in every color now. 
 Starbucks released the most deliciously sweet Birthday Cake Frappuccino for it's 20th birthday and today is the last day it will be available. It's a combination of vanilla bean and hazelnut topped with (pink) raspberry infused whipped cream. I was skeptical but I'm so glad I gave it a chance. 
I went home for the day yesterday to visit some family from out of town and, of course, play with these lazy pups.

Have a Great Week! xo

March 28, 2015

I Can't Even

Hey Everyone! So sorry I fell off the face of the internet again, this week was just crazy busy. It was like I blinked and it was Saturday and I realized I haven't posted in a week! I've had so much content but so little time to sit down and write the posts. I'm a little bummed I haven't been keeping up with my Teaching Style posts it's just been difficult with the weather and scheduling. I kept a little bit of a mental list of what I wore together to possibly shoot and share some of the looks. This is actually a look I wore for an in-service day at my last placement and I found this tee and kimono on super sale at Abercrombie for a grand total of $12! I have been cracking up at art history jokes and this shirt was no exception. Unfortunately it is no longer available, but Rad has some pretty great art tees combined with current phrases or lyrics and I'm having a hard time not pulling the trigger on so many of them. I also rounded a few of my favorite kimonos under $50 below!
Tee: Abercrombie //  Kimono: Abercrombie // Jeans: American Eagle // Booties: Minnetonka // Sunnies: Ray-Ban

A Few of my Favorite Kimonos under $50: 

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March 22, 2015

Life in Square Photos 12/52

It's been an overwhelmingly busy week and I barely remembered to take any pictures. I still have an abundance of things to accomplish before Tuesday so I'm going to have to keep this one short.
Monday morning I was so excited because my Dunkin' order was my favorite number and to have a Cookie Dough Swirl iced coffee mmmm.
Just one of the many reasons I dislike grocery shopping, the other patrons have entirely too much time on their hands and turn all the packages around.
I already began teaching at my second placement and have begun covering perspective and composition. One of the assignments was to draw twenty boxes in one point perspective showing different viewpoints (bird's eye, worm's eye, and eye level). An additional assignment for people who finished early was to choose a word (or two) at least four letters long and writing it in one point and two draw it showing one point and two point perspectives. 
If you're thinking "hey, haven't we seen this photo before?" believe it or not, it snowed and we had an early dismissal Friday. What a way to start spring.
Yesterday the Senior Exhibition opened so Kyle and I stopped by to check it out. It's definitely exciting to see your work on display and I'm so happy I decided to paint this piece specifically for the show. 

Hope you had a great weekend! xo

March 18, 2015

Guest Style: Bailey Harper

I swear, I've been coming up with so many ideas for new features to expand Charpology's content almost daily I just haven't had enough free time to employ any of them. Well, that changes today. I am featuring other's personal style with a little introduction of themselves why they chose to create their look. First up is my fabulous photographer and little sister, Bailey. 
Well this is scary. Of course I've been on Charpology before, but having to write is definitely taking a new step. For starters, hi my name is Bailey and I'm the other Harper sister. ( Trust me, it sounds worse than it actually is.) Being the younger sister, I have always looked up to Courtney and I know that that will continue for years to come. I am in no way any type of writer and a lot of the time my thoughts seem to jumble especially when I try to put them into words, so there's your warning.
A few basic things you should know about me are: #1 I am not into fashion as much as Courtney is, but I do enjoy looking nice and tend to follow her style. #2 I love to make people laugh. I'm not saying I'm necessarily "funny", but I do tend to be more relaxed and I'm not a very serious person. #3 I started making YouTube videos about six months ago and I post a new video every single Tuesday. (Nothing wrong with a little self promotion.)
This past Saturday, after a lot of begging, I finally convinced my mom to let me get new glasses which of course I decided had to be Warby Parker because I have to copy everything Courtney does(;
So the Harper family got up bright and early, okay more like cloudy at 9 am, and headed to Philadelphia. After the two hour car ride and embarrassing pictures of me sleeping (of course taken by Courtney) we got to the store and I was overwhelmed. Without trying, I picked up the exact same style and pattern glasses as Courtney's (Finch in Magnolia). After only about fifteen minutes, I found different glasses that were similar to Courtney's, but more like me (Welty).
Now for my outfit: Honestly, I do not know how Courtney does this so often because this is difficult. But anyways, when I woke up and saw how cloudy it was I knew that it was going to be completely necessary for me to wear a cardigan over whatever I decided to wear because I am always cold. I hate wearing heavy coats, so thankfully I bought (well my mom bought) this green jacket from Aeropostale back in September, and it is always perfect for when the weather is not in my favor.  I got this cardigan last year, but it has continued to be my favorite and I LOVE wearing it over this pink shirt. (Which if I may add, recently switched from Courtney's closet to mine.) The necklace is also Courtney's, but it is always a fun addition to a simple outfit. My ripped American Eagle jeans, while not my favorite, are always great when I decide to wear any shoes that don't come up higher than my ankle because they are a perfect length and don't make me look shorter than I am. For my shoes, I have my absolute favorite pair of Converse which I wear practically every chance I get because they're so comfortable and I've never seen anyone with the same pair.
While this post was definitely longer than the usual, thanks for taking the time to read something a little different. Hope to see everyone really soon.

March 17, 2015

Adventure Wear

 For our Saturday Adventure, I wanted to wear something comfortable because I knew we would be in the car for a few hours and I wanted to take full advantage of the above freezing temperatures. If you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of denim on denim lately- it's been my weekend uniform every chance I get. Bailey snapped a few pictures of my outfit each place we stopped on Saturday  which made it extra difficult to choose which photos to use so I just picked a couple of my favorites from each.
Shirt: Free People // Jacket: Abercrombie // Boyfriend Jeans: Gap// Booties: Minnetonka // Purse Vintage Dooney and Bourke // Glasses: Warby Parker

Thanks for Stopping by! xo

March 15, 2015

Life in Square Photos 11/52

Happy Sunday everyone! As I mentioned, this was my last week at my first placement of student teaching- also my first full week thanks to snow days! It was also Kutztown's spring break and my roommates went away so I was alone all week. I decided to take advantage of  the excessive alone time to work on my portfolio and prepare for my next placement.
Here's the project board I designed for the last week of school. I have way too much fun drawing on the board and although this one did take a long time, it's easily changed for the entirety of the projects.
I've been craving Boston Market Mac and Cheese for months, I found the frozen meals but they just weren't quite the same as I remembered it. We haven't had a Boston Market around us in years and I rarely see them. On my way to visit my next placement, I passed one and literally screamed, I was so excited and knew I had to stop on the way home. Let me tell ya, it was EXACTLY like I remembered it and it's definitely dangerous it's on my way home.
I love that two of our students drew me for their warm-ups.
Our students made cards for my last day that they all signed and some of them wrote sweet little messages (even ones I didn't have in class) and we took class pictures for me to remember them. 
Middle school students are too much fun. I hope I get another chance to work with them in the future. 
If you're ever in Carlisle, I highly recommend Cafe Bruges. The pom frites and crab cake sandwich are my favorite, and be sure to save room for a Belgium waffle (we share one).
 Saturday was a family adventure day. We drove down to Old City Philadelphia to go to Art in the Age (the only Warby Parker retailer in PA) so mom and Bailey could pick out a pair of glasses too!
We stopped by a cheese bistro called Wedge + Fig for lunch and shared cheeses and chocolate chip scones in the car since there were no tables. So yummy. 
We then stopped by J. Maki Winery and if you're in the area I highly recommend checking it out. The grounds are beautiful, they grow all of their grapes on site, they are super friendly, and are the first and only American champagne to win the gold in the Vinalies Internationales Awards. If you're of age, you have to try their Ice Wines- they're incredible.
We stumbled upon the cutest village called Saint Peters Village in Elverson-this picture doesn't do it justice, you have to see it in person to get the full effect. But the shops are so cute and it's definitely worth the little detour off the turnpike. 

What did you do this weekend?
Thanks for Stopping by! xo

March 13, 2015

Bell Bottoms

Today is the last day of my first student teaching placement and it's so bittersweet. I feel like I just got to know our students (especially with all of the crazy snow days!) and I wish I could be there to see their finished projects. But I am also so excited to work with high school students again. I met my next cooperating teacher on Wednesday and it seems like it's going to be another amazing opportunity. I was talking to my current cooperating teacher about how scary it can be to be put on the spot to teach an art form you've never studied, glass was the exact media we referred to, and wouldn't you know it? My next cooperating teacher teaches a design course where students work with glass pieces for a variety of projects! I've always been interested in the idea of working with glass, but I'm just ridiculously clumsy so I just bucket listed it- until now! I can't wait to share more.  
I'll be sharing my middle school lesson plans and student work soon, so stay tuned!
Shirt: Cotton On (Similar) // Flannel: Urban Outfitters // Sweater: Urban Outfitters (Similar) // Bell Bottoms: Band of Gypsies // Hat: Forever 21 (Similar) // Booties: Bethany Mota (Similar)
Shop Other Bell Bottoms I'm Loving :
Have a Great Weekend! xo

March 9, 2015

Life in Square Photos 10/52

So, last week we had a two hour delay and three snow days making it a five day weekend a.k.a. my spring break. The university was prepared for the abundance of snow days this year and decided student teachers wouldn't have a spring break. I'm actually really glad that we still have this week with our first placement because we just started another one of my lessons and I'd love to see some of their finished works. I also designed a super fun assignment board (as promised) but forgot to take a picture of it before the abundance of snow.   
 You know you're in Kutztown when there is a horse parked behind your house.... or something along those lines...
 On our second snow day, my roommates and I all walked out to gather some of the top layer of the untouched snow to make snow slushies.
 I think you get that I only took pictures of snow this week the very few times I left my room.
Until Saturday when I went to The Frying Dutchman to get Kyle and I some of these yummy donuts. [ Monkey Bread, Thin Mint, Chocolate Covered Banana, 
Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies and Cream ]

Have a Great Warm Week! xo

March 4, 2015

Winter Blues

Seriously? Another winter storm? I'm dying to be able to safely wear heels and only one coat (I've been wearing a sweater and two winter coats lately) again. Bailey and I took these pictures a couple weeks ago on my birthday when 40 degrees seemed warm enough to go without a real coat. 
Jacket: Aeropostale  // Sweater: ASOS // Jeans: American Eagle // Booties: Target  // Hat: Forever 21 // Handchain: Forever 21

Shop Similar:
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