February 13, 2015

Pupdate 004

 It's been a little while since my last pupdate so I'm not even sure where to begin! 
We got Lily spayed a few days before I came back to school. We thought getting her spayed would calm her down a bit. ha. The same day as her surgery, my mom and I came home from work and Lily was even more whacked out than usual (she was sprinting around the kitchen and jumping on the furniture). She's just a little monster, I swear, but her cuddles and kisses definitely make up for it.

It used to be almost impossible to do an outfit post without Macey, she seriously wouldn't allow it, but lately I can barely get her to come near me when there's a camera around. But I always manage to sneak a few in when we distract Lily... and it always ends with us looking over and thinking "what is she doing?!"
 Never a dull moment with those two around, I beyond excited to go home and see them next weekend.

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Have a Great Weekend! xo

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