February 9, 2015

Life in Square Photos 6/52

It's been another crazy week and it just seemed to fly by as per usual! Since I have off school today, I'm going to try to bang out a couple of scheduled posts so I don't go M.I.A. again.
 I spent my SuperBowl Sunday eating buffalo chicken dip and re-thinking the way I lesson plan.
I completely changed things up and made my sample first and came up with my own layout to make the KU lesson format less daunting and make more sense for me.
 For Practicum (our weekly class on campus for student teaching) we had the task of taking an ordinary marker and turning it into something remarkable related to our teaching experience and it must still be usable.  Once I chose a green marker, I immediately knew I wanted to turn it into a tree because this is a period of growth built off our entire education. I used clay that doesn't dry so the tree would be moldable, like this experience, and anyone that touches or uses it will leave an imprint. I had originally felted cotton balls that I then dyed with watered-down paint to represent the experiences I've already had... and then I somehow lost it on my way to class so my new plan is to have each of my students choose a color of yarn and I will turn them into the "leaves" since the students are the most important part of my student teaching experience.
 I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had to put our personal self/ an inspiring quote on the interior of our name tags. Part of my teaching philosophy is that it is okay to make mistakes and we can use these are learning opportunities. 
I actually open it up and have my students read this whenever they say they "messed up" and want to throw it away and start over.
 I also referred to the inside of my name tag when students wanted to know why there was random hole that didn't go the whole way down in between. My co-op and I made these sharpie holders to make sure we get them all back at the end of the period. When I was drilling the holes in the one on the right, my paper guide got pulled off by the drill press and I, somehow, drilled a hole in between the two when I was trying to turn the machine off. 
I stopped by my home on the way back to school and later found this (and a few other selfies)  on my phone. Bailey always wants to be in my LiSP posts, so here's to you, mini-me!
I also wish I was spending this snow day with these snow-loving pups.

Have a Great Week! xo 

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