February 19, 2015

His and Hers: Winter Style

Pim, one of my roommates, took a few pictures of Kyle and I on Valentine's Day specifically so I could do a His and Hers: Winter Style post. Valentine's Day was quit frigid and we both styled our version of bundling up. It always makes me laugh how my idea of bundling to leave the house is piling on as many layers as I can fit under my coat (in some cases two coats) and I'll still be cold, and he can throw on a t-shirt and light sweatshirt and be fine. 
^^Notice anything out of place in this picture? ^^
 After we had taken a few photos (and gone to the movies) my roommate says "did you know you have a tag under your arm?"no, awkward. Sadly, as you may recall, this is not the first time I've left a tag on my coat after wearing it in public. I just get so excited to wear new clothes.
My Look: Leopard Coat: Forever 21 // Sweater: Kohl's // Paneled Jeggings: American Eagle // Beanie: Abercrombie // Shoes: Converse
His Look: Sweatshirt: Ralph Lauren // Shirt: Target // Jeans: Levis // Shoes: Ralph Lauren
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