January 6, 2015

Pupdate 003

Time for another pupdate! If you follow me on Instagram, or Twitter I'm sure you've already seen a few of these but they were just too cute not to share again. I swear these pups have the funniest personalities because they really do think they're humans. There are so many times I wish we had a constant video feed of them because there are moments that crack my family up but happen to quickly or randomly to record. But, without further rambling, here are some pictures I've taken of the pups the last few weeks. 
I'm not sure if Lily is cold or just super affectionate, but she's been taking lots of naps curled up right against Macey and it's just too sweet. 
She seriously rested her head on my foot to watch TV. (Ticklish kisses not shown.)
When we're getting ready to leave and tell her she needs to go to her cage, she rolls over on her back and when you try to pick her up, she goes full dead weight.  
For Christmas my mom got each of them "indestructible" tennis balls, Macey already had hers but when she heard Lily's being bounced to her she immediately ran to retrieve that one as well.  
Lily got her payback by playing with both (one in her mouth and one with her paws) while Macey was distracted.
We have a "no pets on the furniture" policy (except my parent's leather chairs) but that didn't stop Lily from crawling up and pushing me off the couch during Purge: Anarchy.
How can you make her get off the furniture when she cuddles up with you (and snores in your face)?
You can't. It's impossible.
Last night, for example, I asked her if she was ready for bed and sat down on the couch and she crawled up, sat up like a human, then started hitting me with her paws. One of the many moments I wish we had on camera. 
I was crafting and watching Project Runway in my room and this little girl came barreling up the steps and took a running jump onto my bed (on top of my computer).When I asked her if she was supposed to be on the bed she responded by licking my computer incessantly.
Every time Tim Gunn would appear on the screen she would watch so intently. 
She clearly got her love for him from me. 
A few days later, I was trying to nap and she decided to jump up and nap too. 
Maybe she thinks it's okay because shes camouflaged. 
On New Year's Eve I carried her downstairs to go to bed and she tried to convince us she could sleep on the chair. 
It might have worked if she hadn't chewed the molding in the hallway when she was trusted to stay out of her cage unattended for a half an hour. 
I was laying on the floor stretching the other day and Macey decided that I looked like a good place to take a nap. 
Seriously, we carry this spoiled girl to bed like this. 
I'm going to be so sad when she gets bigger and I can't lift her anymore. 
I bought a new faux sheepskin rug because the one at school has seen better days and Macey thinks it is her new bed.
Last night I was getting ready for bed and when I came out of the bathroom, Macey was curled up on my bed. I decided to let her stay and I crawled in bed. Big mistake. She has a crazy obsession with lotions/ scented products and insisted on licking it all off my face.
I swear "sleeping" with her was like sleeping with a drunk person between her heavy breathing/snoring, weird noises and she kept moving into the strangest positions. At one point she sat up and stared at me until I moved over and she could have my pillow. So spoiled.
These pups just crack me up. I don't know how I'm going to leave them to go back to school in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for stopping by! xo

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