January 31, 2015

Life in Square Photos 5/52

It's been a bit of a crazy/ busy week and I haven't had the time or energy to create posts oops. I've come up with a new plan of attack to manage my time a little better but I promise I'm not going M.I.A. again (at least not this week).
 Last Saturday, Kyle and I woke up to snow but I had to get out of the house (plus we had no food since I still hadn't gone grocery shopping). We made a Chipotle and Target trip-our favorite (okay, maybe Target is just my favorite)
 I woke up Monday morning to no school, and Tuesday to a two hour delay which gave me a little time to play catch-up and reorganize my Student Teaching binder  (more on that later). 
 Am I making any of you want to live in a college house yet? Our front door broke last weekend but at least the deadbolt still works.
 This week was my personal driving nightmare.
Wednesday, I sat in traffic for 20 minutes with no gas before I decided to hit the detour option on my GPS. All was going well until I realized I was driving into Bethlehem city (I have a phobia of driving in cities especially in the dark) and I immediately started panicking. It was going well at first, until I got distracted by a beautiful, retro McDonalds and accidentally stayed in the right lane, which turned into a right turn only lane. I couldn't find a safe spot to turn around because the side roads weren't clear. I ended up in an area where the signs were no longer in English and eventually made it back past the McDonalds and onto the highway. By the way, my GPS was freaking out this whole time and telling me to turn onto one way streets the opposite direction and when I wouldn't, she would try to have me make a u-turn. sigh.
Yesterday, traffic was moderate, but the weather changed five times on my journey which made it a nightmare. First, it was bright and sunny, then it got dark and started flurrying, then it got bright again , then it was bright and snowing heavily, then it stopped again and the sky was a little darker. My usual route was stopped miles back from my exit and I didn't want to sit and wait for the snow, so I took a turn onto the back roads, which were fine at first. Then, all of the sudden, it started snowing so heavily I could barely see the cars or fields around me and the roads were becoming snow-covered and slick. I slid off the road, and fishtailed a few times trying to make it around curves or not hit the person who decided to pull out right in front of me/ slamming on their breaks. 
I was so relieved when I made it home every day this week, but I definitely think I need to hire a driver, at least for the rest of the semester.
 When I left for school Thursday morning, the temperature gauge read 4 degrees, it fluctuated on my daily commute. When I arrived at school it read -6 degrees, if it's going to be this frigid there should've at least been a little snow, right?
 This week in the field, I got to do one of my favorite things, set up a display of student work. I love love love setting up displays and it was so great to see students stopping by to look at their peers and their own work (and their excitement!). This space was a little challenging because there is a column blocking the work behind it. You can, however, see the full middle section from an angle or as you're walking towards the room.
After talking to my mom the day before, I expected to wake up to snow and have to clean off my car. I set my alarm and left a little bit earlier but cleaning off my car took maybe two minutes. Since I was running so early, I decided to treat myself to a lap picnic of McDonald's breakfast.

How was your week? Any crazy stories?

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