January 9, 2015

Life in Square Photos 1&2/52

As I said last week, I don't typically come up with a New Year's resoulution because I rarely (never) follow through with it and I believe if you want to change something you don't have to wait for a new year. Three years ago, I decided to try to do a photo a day for a year challenge, it went well until the end of February... then it was not so successful. In theory, it was a great idea because I'm a photography concentration and should always have a camera and should always be snapping pictures. But I went through a period where I was totally uninspired and got burnt out from trying to do an extra "project",like, one picture a day is really that difficult.. not. I do,however take A LOT of pictures on my phone (almost daily) because I always have it with me. So, instead of trying to do another photo a day challenege, I thought I would be more consistent with my Photo Diary feature here by doing weekly posts with a few photos I have snapped on my iPhone. 
You'll probably notice most of the pictures (all in this case) are a square format. In an age of social media, we see square photos often (especially Instagram and Profile Pictures) and I typically leave my phone's camera in square mode to prevent cropping. I've also always been drawn to square format photography so it's a win-win.
Side Note: I actually came up with this idea two days after Christmas so I included photos since December 27th... in the words of Judas Priest- breaking the law, breaking the law.
Vest (Similar) // Shirt (Similar) // Jeggings // Boots (Similar)
It's still so funny to me that these two photos are only 10 days apart. We went from 50 degrees and not needing a coat and now it's been in single digits-low twenties this week. If it's going to be this cold can we at least get a little more snow?
On that note, I haven't been able to shoot any of my planned outfit posts due to the frigid temps and not getting home until after dark every night. My plan is to get a few shot this weekend! 
How beautiful are these masks at HomeGoods? (Oh, and my adorable parents modeling them.)
I foresee a DIY project in the future. 
 It's been noted a few times that I have really bad luck. Personally, I'm not one to believe in luck, but I do often joke about my life being a series of unfortunate events with the occasional positive moment thrown in mix. 
Now to explain this horribly embarrassing mugshot selfie; I was shredding paper at work, I took the bag out to the dumpster when I was finished and when I lifted the bag up over my head, something fell back in my eye (the squinted one). Immediately after it happened my eye was irritated and I couldn't fully open it. I thought it was just paper dust so I rubbed my eye to try to get it to water, no luck. I went to the bathroom and tried to flush it out, no luck. About an hour and a half later, it was still irritated and one of the nurses took a look at it and it was pretty gross so I went back to have one of the doctors take a look. Thankfully, there was no visible damage and whatever was in my eye came out, but he was worried the "foreign object" and my rubbing could have caused a corneal abrasion, not good. So I was referred to a specialist the next morning and began antibiotic drops that night. Thankfully, there was no abrasion just mild inflammation that would heal itself with the aid of the antibiotic. 
Now my co-workers joke that I need safety goggles whenever I'm around paper, which is all day. Sometimes I swear I need to live in a bubble. But, hey, at least it's good for a laugh now. 
I call this #ThingIFindInMyPockets. I swear, I could do a whole series on this topic and sometimes there would be normal things, keys, money, chap stick/ lip gloss, etc. But most of the time there would be some pretty weird things like a gold crayon and itty bitty Tabasco bottle I've been carrying around in my one coat since my senior year of high school for no reason at all.
New Years morning mom made one of my favorite breakfast treat: Dutch Baby. If you've never had a Dutch Baby you simply have to try one for yourself. We've been using a mix from William Sonoma lately but we used to follow a recipe similar to this one (without the lemon juice).
Yet another celebratory dessert for the first Charpiversary.
Working full time, it's typically dark when I get to work and dark when I leave this time of year. I was taking out the trash one day this week though and had the opportunity to watch this beautiful sunset. I can't wait to begin student teaching and watch sunrises before school. Sunrises are always my favorite because they're so beautiful but I'm a girl who likes my sleep and won't get up unless I have to.

Have a Great Weekend! xo

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