January 24, 2015

Life in Square Photos 4/52

It's been a crazy week, and it flew by so quickly I could barely keep track of the day. As I've mentioned, I began student teaching this week so I'll need to figure out a new blogging schedule in my free time. I'm so excited to start lesson planning and already started making samples for possible projects. I'll be sure to share updates for those of you who are interested.
 This week I've really been trying to focus on enjoying the little things. Last Saturday I took a few moments to sit outside in the below freezing temperatures to watch the cotton candy sky change.  
I already miss these vultures watching me eat every bit of food.  

I also miss this stalker guilting me into shutting my computer every time I'd try to be productive.
I was welcomed back to school by a broken lock and a good laugh.
 We were instructed to make a name tag that showed our teacher self on the outside and our personal self on the interior. I immediately thought the best way to show myself as a teacher was to show a few of my favorite tools. Before college I always saw myself as a strictly photography person that would occasionally throw in a pretty decent sculptural piece. Through my time dedicated to the arts and educating I found that I am an artist of all trades and can't imagine limiting myself to one specific technique or medium. Making this name tag really helped me to continue developing my teaching philosophy which I will end up sharing later.
I was always anti bulky phone cases... until I found these gems.
Marc Jacobs Dog (Similar) // Moschino Fries (Similar)
I tried to do the "responsible" thing and clean off my car when it stopped snowing so I wouldn't have to do it in the morning before school. This only validated that my future  home must have a garage- I'm far too short to clean off the whole roof of my car.
Tee: Free People // Blender: Hamilton Beach // Monogram: Mountz (Similar)
 Thursday was an unexplained excruciating migraine day.  The only cure was a nap and a strawberry smoothie with a heart shaped straw (and lots of pink). 
I took a shower yesterday and the drain was so clogged that the water was pooling around my ankles. gross (and dangerous for a klutz like myself) I looked down and saw the culprit. I pried the drain cover off with the backend of a hammer and low and behold, a rat-shaped hairball was hanging beneath the cover. EW. I swear, the amount of these I've pulled out of the drain, we should all be bald.

Hope I didn't ruin your Saturday with the gross visuals but consider it part of the #UneditedLifeProject

Happy Saturday! Have a Great Weekend! xo

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