December 21, 2014

Sister Style: 15 Years

This is an extra special sister style because today is Bailey's 15th birthday. Seriously? 15? I can't believe how quickly time has been moving. I still remember the night she was born and how my mom used to tell me "one day you're going to be best friends" as we fought over silly things. Of course, my mom was right and we still have our fair share of silly fights but she has become my best friend and I can't imagine life without her.
I tried to find an old picture of us actually looking like we liked each other but instead, here's one where it looks like I'm forcing her to stay in the water with me.
 We styled holiday looks in our own styles with some super cheesy poses that are all too descriptive of us. 
My Look:Vest: Target // Knit Top: American Eagle // Jeans: Guess // Boots: Target
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Bailey's Look: Scarf: Dress Barn // Shirt: Macys // Jeggings: American Eagle
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Happy Birthday to my sweet sister!
Thanks for Stopping by! xo


  1. I love your sister's scarf. What a beautiful relationship between sisters.

    1. Thank you from Bailey, she actually just received it as a birthday gift!
      Thank you from both of us- I'm lucky to have my sister as one of my best friends :)


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