December 16, 2014

Life Lately

 The semester was crazy and overwhelming since I took on a little more than I could handle because I didn't want my student teaching to be pushed back. Although there were a few breakdowns, my room was never clean (which caused more breakdowns) and I really hated a couple classes, I'm happy to say I survived (so dramatic, of course I did).  I'm so excited to be student teaching and can not wait to do what I love-share my love for art with others while helping others grow.
 I'm not sure how this could possibly be comfortable but it sure is silly cute.
Kyle and I rarely take any pictures together because we end up with something like this. But thank goodness for roommates who offer to snap some when I'm dressed for an outfit post and he's dressed how everyone should for a lazy Sunday.
Outfit Details Here
I dragged Kyle down to The Strand (Kutztown's local theater) to see Mockingjay Part 1 which he happily obliged to when I bribed him with popcorn and soda.
The best part about the theater is the prices, the tickets are only $5 and we got a large (bucket) popcorn and a large soda for $5.25. Perfect date night under $20.
 I swear these have been my every day go-to's lately along with the sweater below. I just want to wear and photograph them constantly. 
Although painting was sometimes the reason I freaked out during the semester (because I'm a chronic procrastinator), I would get so lost in what I was working on and just wanted to keep creating.
Wearing: Cardigan: Free People // Flannel: Thrifted // Jeans: Guess
 As I mentioned last week, my roommates and I did a Secret Santa exchange with a few of our friends before break. I had one of my roommates, Taylor, and I went to two local Kutztown shops to shop for her. I picked out a carved box, various scents of incense, and a lighter (which I painted gold to match and so everyone knows it's hers) from Althea's Imaginarium and her favorite fragrance (Earth) from Paisley and Company.  
 My other roommate, Pim, pretty much summed me up in one gift; Reese's, Hello Kitty, and Dunkin. Too great.
 My clothing obsession seems to have gotten out of hand-oops. 
When I got home and unpacked this past weekend, I went through my clothes and decided on some pieces to sell/ donate/ pass on to my sister. I will also be opening an online shop (still deciding which site to use) over break to shop my personal and family's closets. I'll keep you updated.  
 Packing my car made me realize how much I'm going to dread packing my entire room in a few months. 
 I wasn't kidding when I said she thinks she has to hold you when she kisses you. So. Much. Affection.
Wearing: Flannel: Thrifted (Similar) // Hoodie: American Eagle (Similar) // Leggings: Forever 21
 It may look like they are sleeping, but Lily has actually developed a tactic where she sits or lays on Macey's head until Macey has had enough and lets Lily take the toy she is protecting.
 She was seriously loving Hangover 3
I've missed this sweet dood sleeping next to my bed every night and I'm so happy to be home.

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