December 3, 2014

A New Medium: Figure

For the last few weeks, we have been concentrating on painting the human figure using the same model in two different outfits and poses. I continued using the green underpainting style I had experimented with on my self portrait studies prior to beginning these. I'm going to share some of my under paintings along with brief artist commentary. 
As always, I appreciate your feedback (and questions!) and would love to hear from you!
The underpainting and a close-up of the cloth draped over the chair. 
 I started with some whacked out proportions that almost made the model look like a bobble head (oops) but this was more an exploration of the materials and techniques than getting a perfect drawing. This was when I realized how much I enjoy my made up colors to make a boring scene seem a little more interesting. 
 The underpainting and beginning stages of creating a skin tone.
Fun Fact: I painted the skin tone on this before adding it to the previous painting!
 My proportions are still a little whacked out but something interesting began happening with my colors and scratched areas. 
 This one may be my favorite of the group (it will be on display in Sharadin until the beginning of January!). I began with a really strong, expressive line drawing underneath and was encouraged to incorporate those lines back into the painting at the end with pencil. I began the same way as the previous paintings, but I made the scratched areas (that removed layers) of paint more meaningful and layered pencil to add expressive lines in my shadows. 
 For this painting I tried to minimize the amount of green underpainting visible in the end. I am happy with the fact that I am able to achieve local (realistic) colors if I want to but I think I'll stick with my made-up world of colors. 
For my last model painting I tried to combine the realistic elements I worked with in the previous painting as well as incorporating my green underpainting style. I feel like this may benefit from going back in with another layer of the realistic color glazes.

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