November 18, 2014

Welcome ARU 301

I have been  adding educator features to further build my e-portfolio on this site.

After tinkering with a few different codes, I was able to create a few drop down menus for my navigation bar to make exploring content convenient and straightforward.
Some of the features are still under construction and will be updated throughout my student teaching experience next semester.

The educator features were integrated into my original navigation menu and are currently active (unless italicized in which case they will be edited and updated within the next semester).
Teaching Philosophy: I see this changing and developing further over the next few months as I continue my education journey and begin student teaching.

Personal Work: I will continue to share my college and personal work under the digital portfolio tab.

Lesson Plans: View and Download my personal K-12 Art Lessons

Student Work: In this space I will anonymously show student's work for specific lessons as I teach them. The student work from my Early Field Photo Transfer lesson will be up at the end of the week.
Edit: Student work is now available to view in the gallery.
Click to enlarge image. The primary transfer method is cited below. 

I look forward to your feedback.
Thank you for stopping by& exploring the new features.

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