November 5, 2014

Pupdate 001

 It's crazy how fast time has been going and how big Lilly is getting. I'm sad I missed a lot of the tiny puppy stage but it makes the time I do get to spend at home that much more special. Naturally I took a ton of pictures of the pups when I was home this weekend and narrowed it down to a few of my favorites. Sorry in advance if I blow up Instagram with pup pictures this weekend.. they're just too cute not to share. Anyway I'm going to share some pictures and cute moments the pups had this past weekend. 
 When I got home from the concert Thursday night, Macey woke up and came into my room. I got into bed and she came over and started kissing my face then laid down on the floor next to me. In the morning she was curled up and sound asleep as close to me as she could be. 
After work Lilly was so excited to attack the stranger in the house. I picked her up and she assumed her favorite position- a paw on either side of your head (or face) to hold it in place while she licks you into an uncontrollable laughter. She's a real bully. 
 She's so easily distracted which she clearly learned from me..
 Sometimes she will be playing with her ball and a shoe will get in the way and she completely forgets what she was doing in the first place. 
 Then she'll go over and sit right up against (or on) Macey and just stare at you.
 Then Macey will casually pick up the ball and walk away when Lilly is distracted. She lays it out in front of her making it seem somewhat accessible to snag. 
 But if anyone comes anywhere near it she swoops and guards it with her mouth. So what looks like a loving nap time moment between pups... 
 ... is actually Macey teasing Lilly and constantly outsmarting her.
 Lilly still loves being picked up.
 It makes it easier for her to kiss your face. 
 She's ridiculously spoiled and will jump up on the other chair if she doesn't like how you're sitting. 
 Did I mention she's spoiled? This is how my mom carries her to bed. She's such a diva.
She just has the craziest personality and it's almost as if she tries to make you smile.

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