November 24, 2014

Photo Transfer Techniques

Last week I announced the release of some new art education features. For my studio thinking course this semester we were required to create an instructional how-to video on a technique of our choosing. At first, I was completely stumped. I put it on the back burner for a bit until I began working on my early field lesson. When I taught this lesson, I was only there once a week and students had difficulty remembering all of the techniques and the results from week to week. Then it dawned on me that this would make the perfect how-to video that I could use to supplement my lesson.

I really didn't enjoy the process of creating this video. Being in front of the camera for still images is hard enough, now I have to look into the camera and talk?! No thank you. I'll take a live "audience" any day. But I trekked on with the help of my ever patient sister.
I was hesitant to share this because I'm a bit self-conscious about my voice and excessive blinking, but who isn't their first time on camera? So if you're interested in seeing a (semi acurate) depiction of me as an art educator, you can watch the video below. 
Sweater: Free People // Bralette: Aerie // Jeans: Guess
As always, I would love to hear your feedback. Don't be afraid to give a "brutal" critique, I know there are some areas that could be improved if I was to recreate this.

Thanks for Stopping by!

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