November 26, 2014

Holiday Red

Is it just me or does everyone feel like holidays have been moved earlier and earlier every year? I love seeing all of the decorations and holiday cheer, I'm totally not a Grinch about it, I just couldn't believe how early in October the Christmas decorations went out this year. This week is usually about the time I really start to get in the "holiday spirit" every year.

I think it's just always been in my mindset that after Thanksgiving, mom and mimi (my grandma) went Black Friday shopping (which I, of course, joined in on later in life), and if not that day, we would begin decorating the next week.

Anyway, my sister and I shot these pictures a few weeks ago when it was still warm. So if you're on the East coast looking out at the snow, you know why I was able to sit outside comfortably. I found this dress towards the end of summer and fell in love. The cut out details are so flattering and I just want to twirl (super dangerous when you have no balance in the first place) whenever I wear it. I had a few color options and was torn between red and black. Although I was leaning towards the black originally, Kyle was able to talk me into the red one and I'm so glad he did. I've talked quite a bit about my love for red and how I rarely feel bold enough to wear all red. Well I thought it was the perfect time to share it as we prepare to move into the holdiday season.
This was the first time I was able to get her to give me her paw and my incredible sister caught it.

Dress: Free People // Vest: American Eagle // Scarf: American Eagle // Socks: TJ Maxx // Boots: Kohl's
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P.S. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the online Black Friday sales I'm most excited for!

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