November 10, 2014

A New Medium: Self Portrait Studies

 We are now working on the human figure in painting. We did this really cool still life where we did an underpainting using yellow, green, and blue to create the values then we paint a thin coat of a unifying or local color on top. I loved this technique and decided to use it for my figure paintings and self portrait studies. These are all 8.5"x11" studies for our 2'x3' final self portrait. I tried a couple different techniques for layering the colors and love the way my miserable self portraits came out. ("Miserable" because they're done from observation and staring at myself for long periods takes serious concentration.)
 These are two of my under paintings. 
 This painting is currently on display in Sharadin.
 I loved the sketch for this one and wanted to imitate it in the painting style. 
I love how it turned out kind of like one of Van Gogh's self portraits.

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