November 27, 2014

This year, I am thankful for...

I am thankful for...

My incredibly supportive family...
Who are also my toughest critics, because someone has to be.
And of course their unconditional love and support is an added bonus.

My friends and (of course) Kyle... 
Who give me critical feedback and help me create and develop material for this blog.
I'm eternally grateful for their support and friendship even after seeing me at my best and worst moments.
Be sure to check out Ursula's website to see her artwork, she's extremely talented.
Janice and Kyle fill in taking the pictures for my blog when Bailey is unavailable.

Speranza Animal Rescue and our pups..
The people at Speranza have the biggest hearts and give dogs a chance when no one else will.
I am so thankful for their post back in July about Lily's liter being rescued from a kill shelter at only 8 weeks old.
Read more about Lily (and Macey!) here, here, and here.

Mark Mahosky (my painting professor)...
Who continually pushed me to develop my painting style and made me grow a love for a medium I never  had ANY interest in trying.
You can see more of my paintings under the Digital Portfolio tab > "Personal Work" or by searching "a new medium" or "painting".

All of you...
Who help make all the hard work that goes into this site worth it.

New opportunities...
That will be coming soon and I am SO excited to share in the next few weeks!

As I mentioned yesterday, my mom, mimi and I go Black Friday shopping every year. We're those crazies out at 4pm on Thanksgiving waiting in line for a store that opens at 6pm and we usually stay out 12-14 hours. Ha ha it's always a blast as the night wears on into the early morning and you're running dangerously low on energy and you simply have NO patience for anything that could come between you and your sales. But it's a tradition I love nonetheless and for those of you who may not love the craziness as much as we do, below you can find the Black Friday online sales I'm just as excited for. I'll try to write another for Cyber Monday sales if I get a chance. Happy Shopping!

American Eagle/ Aerie: 40% off and Free Shipping with Code GOBBLEUP
Express: 50% off Everything and Free Shipping on All Orders
Free People: Free Shipping on All Orders
Fossil: $25 off $150 and $50 off $200 Full Price Items

Gap: 50% off Everything with Code BLKFRIDAY

Guess: up to 50% off Entire Store and Free Shipping with Code GIVEME

J.Crew Factory: 50% off Everything plus Free Shipping with Code THANKS
Michaels: 40% off Entire (regular price) Purchase with Code TURKEY40 and
30% off ENTIRE (including sale) Purchase from 4PM-2AM Today Only with Code THANKSGIVING

Tillys: Free Shipping with Code SHIP14

Hope You All Have a Great Safe Thanksgiving! xo

November 26, 2014

Holiday Red

Is it just me or does everyone feel like holidays have been moved earlier and earlier every year? I love seeing all of the decorations and holiday cheer, I'm totally not a Grinch about it, I just couldn't believe how early in October the Christmas decorations went out this year. This week is usually about the time I really start to get in the "holiday spirit" every year.

I think it's just always been in my mindset that after Thanksgiving, mom and mimi (my grandma) went Black Friday shopping (which I, of course, joined in on later in life), and if not that day, we would begin decorating the next week.

Anyway, my sister and I shot these pictures a few weeks ago when it was still warm. So if you're on the East coast looking out at the snow, you know why I was able to sit outside comfortably. I found this dress towards the end of summer and fell in love. The cut out details are so flattering and I just want to twirl (super dangerous when you have no balance in the first place) whenever I wear it. I had a few color options and was torn between red and black. Although I was leaning towards the black originally, Kyle was able to talk me into the red one and I'm so glad he did. I've talked quite a bit about my love for red and how I rarely feel bold enough to wear all red. Well I thought it was the perfect time to share it as we prepare to move into the holdiday season.
This was the first time I was able to get her to give me her paw and my incredible sister caught it.

Dress: Free People // Vest: American Eagle // Scarf: American Eagle // Socks: TJ Maxx // Boots: Kohl's
Shop this Look:

Thanks for Stopping by!
Have a Great Thanksgiving!xo
P.S. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the online Black Friday sales I'm most excited for!

November 24, 2014

Photo Transfer Techniques

Last week I announced the release of some new art education features. For my studio thinking course this semester we were required to create an instructional how-to video on a technique of our choosing. At first, I was completely stumped. I put it on the back burner for a bit until I began working on my early field lesson. When I taught this lesson, I was only there once a week and students had difficulty remembering all of the techniques and the results from week to week. Then it dawned on me that this would make the perfect how-to video that I could use to supplement my lesson.

I really didn't enjoy the process of creating this video. Being in front of the camera for still images is hard enough, now I have to look into the camera and talk?! No thank you. I'll take a live "audience" any day. But I trekked on with the help of my ever patient sister.
I was hesitant to share this because I'm a bit self-conscious about my voice and excessive blinking, but who isn't their first time on camera? So if you're interested in seeing a (semi acurate) depiction of me as an art educator, you can watch the video below. 
Sweater: Free People // Bralette: Aerie // Jeans: Guess
As always, I would love to hear your feedback. Don't be afraid to give a "brutal" critique, I know there are some areas that could be improved if I was to recreate this.

Thanks for Stopping by!

November 22, 2014

Mauve Monochrome

 You may recognize this cardigan from my last outfit post, that's because I loved it so much I had to buy it in both colors. It also didn't hurt that they were buy one get one free a few weeks ago at Pac Sun. Unfortunately, I can't find the exact style online but I listed a similar one below.

I went for a monochromatic, layered look with a few of my current favorite pieces. I paired the Free People dusty pink voile slip a pair of oatmeal over-the-knee socks to compliment the cream color of my go-to ruffle slip
Maxi Cardigan: Pac Sun // Voile Slip: Free People // Ruffle Slip: Free People // Thigh Highs: TJ Maxx // Boots: Kohls

Shop This Look:
Have A Great Weekend! xo

November 18, 2014

Welcome ARU 301

I have been  adding educator features to further build my e-portfolio on this site.

After tinkering with a few different codes, I was able to create a few drop down menus for my navigation bar to make exploring content convenient and straightforward.
Some of the features are still under construction and will be updated throughout my student teaching experience next semester.

The educator features were integrated into my original navigation menu and are currently active (unless italicized in which case they will be edited and updated within the next semester).
Teaching Philosophy: I see this changing and developing further over the next few months as I continue my education journey and begin student teaching.

Personal Work: I will continue to share my college and personal work under the digital portfolio tab.

Lesson Plans: View and Download my personal K-12 Art Lessons

Student Work: In this space I will anonymously show student's work for specific lessons as I teach them. The student work from my Early Field Photo Transfer lesson will be up at the end of the week.
Edit: Student work is now available to view in the gallery.
Click to enlarge image. The primary transfer method is cited below. 

I look forward to your feedback.
Thank you for stopping by& exploring the new features.

November 17, 2014

Concert Wear

 A few weeks ago, I took Bailey to the Hunter Hayes Tattoo (Your Name) Tour. Due to poor planning, we have cute little selfies but no formal "outfit pictures". When I went home last weekend, we resolved that by doing a quick shoot.
I wanted to wear something simple and comfortable. You're already aware of my maxi cardigan obsession, but I think high waisted jeans may be a close second to that love.
Crop Top // Maxi Cardi // Jeans // Booties: Target // Sunnies
Thanks for Stopping by! xo

November 12, 2014

Pupdate 002

 I know I just shared a "pupdate" last week but I couldn't resist doing another one. These girls have such personalities it's almost unbelievable. I know I usually show a variety of candid moments with the pups but they were usually still pretty posed. Well as Lily gets larger it's a little harder to hold her especially because she's a squirmy little worm now. I thought it would be fun to show you just how many shots it takes to get both the pups sitting (in the right direction) for a single picture.
 As soon as you get them situated Lily takes off.
She's got the staring off into the distance thing down to a science. 
She's convinced she has to hold your face for you to know she's showing affection. 

Thanks for Stopping by! xo
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