October 22, 2014

Oversized Pearl Bracelet

You may recognize this outfit from this post a few weeks back. Well, this outfit post was actually put together in preparation for this DIY (which was misplaced until last night oops). Today, I'm going to show you a super simple way to make your own oversized pearl bracelet!

This DIY is seriously so quick and easy, the most difficult part is actually waiting long enough for the glue to dry. Believe me, it's so hard. I kept trying it on before it was 100% set and dry but take my word for it- it's better to just wait.  
You can find all of the supplies you'll need at Walmart and/or craft stores.
 (I found mine at Hobby Lobby.)
1.  In a well ventilated area (super important-read the label for scary threats),
place a small dot of glue on one of the bead's openings.
2. Use your tweezers to place the crystal firmly into the glue. 
It's okay if a little extra glue oozes around. 
Once completely dry, I was able to carefully pick it off.
Repeat Steps 1& 2 on second bead.
3. Use the wire snips to cut the clasp off both ends of the bangle.
4. Put glue on the other opening of the bead and fit one end of the cuff into the hole.
Repeat Step 4 on the other end of the cuff.
Let dry completely (time varies based on glue).
 I let mine sit for about 10 hours (the third time I did it).
That's it! That's all you have to do to create your own oversized pearl cuff.
The same technique could be applied to create a choker and any oversized bead could be used for limitless possibilities!

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**Please try to look past the less than wonderful quality and small size- I shot this DIY when Bailey was in France and had to use my point and shoot. **

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