October 7, 2014

Fall Favorites

Hey everyone, I know I've already started sharing fall looks but I've been meaning to do a post with my favorite trends for fall. So I put together some pictures and links to show you what I'm crushing on this season. It was fun to look for the items because I was imagining how I would work with the pieces in my existing wardrobe.
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You haven't seen much red on me outside of my red high tops (here and here) and occasionally a red lip. I actually bought this dress (in red) in the summer and was worried I would have to retire it for the season. What a relief.
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You already know I'm all about being comfortable and what could be better than being bundled in a big, warm sweater? I'm a huge fan of wearing oversized sweaters with a messy tuck into jeans, like I did here. I also just bought this one and it's the best. So warm and soft and I'm obsessed with the color. Sometimes when I find an extra soft and warm sweater I will buy a size up to make it extra cozy. I'm sure you know what tricks I'll be using for Thanksgiving this year ;).
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I already told you about my love for pastel pink for fall, but I thought I would share some other pink pieces I would love to add to my growing collection. 
I'm also loving this faux fur coat.

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I've also already talked about my love for blanket coats/ capes but I thought I could share some more. I'm also pretty happy plaid coats are always in because I received an awesome grey one for Christmas last year and always feel so trendy in it.

What trends are you loving for this fall?
Have a great week! xo

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