September 8, 2014

Renninger's Market

Although I'm taking six classes this semester and have a pretty hefty workload with early field and whatnot, I still have a decent amount of free time to do what I want (shh don't tell my professors that). I get these crazy strong urges to get in my car and explore when I'm sitting at home with a hefty amount of free time. So what could be more fun than visiting some of the local attractions I always pass signs for (and never stop) and documenting them to share with all of you? 

First up is Renninger's Market in Kutztown. This isn't exactly a new place, but it's great because you'll never experience exactly the same market twice. I love going on Fridays and picking up fresh produce. So I went, got my produce, put it in the car and went back towards the antiques- closed. Of course I could just be satisfied that I got what I came for and maybe come back another week, but I had to go back Saturday to check out the goodies in the antique's section. So below are some of the super fun things I saw that I had to snap a shot. 
Obsessed with the vintage vanity and huge doilies. 
(and buying things for a house I don't yet own) 
 The cutest little coffee booth that had crazy coffee flavors available (like girl scout cookie and peanut butter cup), delicious chocolate chip cream cheese cupcakes, and great $2 iced coffee.
 Imagine the outfit post possibilities in this little space. I die.
 I'll take one of everything please. How amazing are those details on the table?
Side Note: I've been dreaming of a red white and black kitchen for years
 Such a beautiful group of vintage cameras. 
I stumbled upon the twin of a mirror I thrifted at home a few years ago (and have hanging in our house here).
This one booth has shelves upon shelves of little vintage bottles and jars and it was incredible to see their design changes over time. 
I'd love to collect an assortment of them to use as bud vases. 
 I never would have imagined feed bags and potato sacks had such beautiful colors and designs. 
But I seriously want some just to display/ craft.
 How dreamy is this vintage Samsonite luggage set? 
I got consumed by wanderlust the moment I saw them.
Then there are those super weird booths full of unusual items. I mean look at that charming rusty shopping cart (kidding). 
And this bone adorned dining chair and matching spinal cord lamp (not pictured) are just perfect if you wanted to bring a more Hannibal Lecter/ Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe to your home.

Thanks for Visiting! xo

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