September 5, 2014

Macey& Lily

If you're following me on Instagram, you have probably seen that we got a new puppy!

 My parents rescued this sweet little girl from Speranza Animal Rescue (while Bailey and I were away) after we had seen this picture of her a few weeks before. After a lot of debate, we decided to name her Lilly. Lilly and seven other pups were rescued by Speranza on their way to a kill shelter. Now Macey has a new friend to play with (pup playing is sometimes too scary to watch though) and share our attention with (which she might not like as much). It's so great to have two playful, loving dogs around the house and they make it twice as hard for me to come back to school. But who wouldn't miss the excessive kisses and cuddles from these two? Guess I'll just have to go home a little more often this year ;) -don't worry I'll share plenty of pictures!

Oh and back on the topic of co-ords from last week, Band of Gypsies has a great collection of co-ords that seriously look great together and as separates. It's nearly impossible to wear their pieces in public and not get compliments, trust me I've experienced it firsthand. They're so stinking comfortable it feels like you're wearing pajamas.  
 Co-Ord: Band of Gypsies // Hat: Forever 21

Have a Great Weekend! xo

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