September 15, 2014

Insta Outfit // Dorney Park

Hey Everyone! I have a short outfit post to share today. Kyle and I went to Dorney Park yesterday (for my first time) and it was clear that fall is here. I always have a difficult time getting dressed early in the morning during the fall because it can be breathtakingly cold in the morning and hot by noon. In order to prevent having to carry around a coat later in the day I decided to go with a warm, chunky sweater and jeans. I really love oversized comfy clothes (who doesn't) but I try to find ways to make them look a little more feminine by going with a borrowed from the boys look. Adding more formfitting pants, a touch of frilly lace or ruffles, or even delicate jewelry helps to create a great balanced look. Perfect for staying warm and cozy without looking like a total blob. One other realization from yesterday, I'm obviously getting older and losing my ability to be spun around all day at an amusement park- so sad. But it still made a perfect date that's out of the norm for us and seeing all of the Haunt decorations and props made me want to go back.
 Ecstatic about my new feathered friends. 
Sweater: Garage // Jeans: Gap // Booties: Bethany Mota // Socks: ASOS 

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Have a Great Week! xo

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