September 17, 2014

DIY: Patchwork Pillow

Hey Everyone! I'm super excited to be sharing my first DIY with all of you today.

This has been something I've been contemplating for a while because I love to craft and now you'll be able to re-create some of my projects. I made this pillow specifically for this chair because I thought it needed a little extra cushion (besides the itty bitty IKEA pad). A while back I saw some fabulous patchwork pillows from Urban Outfitters and decided to create a round version. I have little to no sewing skills and I'm self taught so in other words, this is a pretty simple pattern. Hopefully I explain it thoroughly enough but if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment!

Paper or Cardboard
Multiple Fabric Scraps (Walmart had a great selection of pre-cut fabric bundles)
Polyfill or Stuffing
Sewing Machine

 First things first, decide how big you want to make your pillow (remember it will shrink a little when sewing). I decided to make mine about 16 inches in diameter. I recommend tracing a circle to create a perfectly round pattern. You may need to attach two sheets of paper/ cardboard for a big enough template.
Cut out the pattern and fold it in half four times. More or less folds create more or less sections.
Create a template for the side rim by making a long strip of paper that encompasses your circle. The easiest way is to find the circumference, I know I can't believe I'm suggesting to use math either.
Trace the triangle template and cut enough pieces for both sides of your pillow, I needed 16.
Trace your side rim template and cut it out.

Create an arrangement for both sides of your pillow. 
I decided to make mine different just for a playful touch.
Pin your pieces in the order you designed. 
Make sure the fronts of the fabrics are touching so your seams are on the inside. 
 Sew all of the sections together to make both sides of the pillow.
Pin and sew the side rim completely to one side of the pillow (again make sure the faces of the fabrics are touching).
Pin and sew the other side of the pillow to the side 95% of the way, leaving a small opening.
 Use that little opening to turn the whole thing right-side-out.
Stuff that baby as full as you can (stuffing flattens over time) and hand stitch the small opening shut. 
TADA! You have your very own one-of-a-kind patchwork pillow!
I'd love to see your versions!

Thanks for Stopping By/Crafting with Me! xo

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