September 12, 2014

A Room is a Canvas

I'm always interested in seeing other people's bedrooms because I feel like it can tell so much about them. I'm always looking at people's house tours on blogs for the same reason, and I'm curious if anyone else feels the same. At any rate, I'm sharing pictures of my bedroom at school in case you're interested.
Sidebar: these photos were taken with the brightest natural light I get and the artificial lights as well. It's sad this is really how dark it is but I'm perfectly find with it.
I've lived in the same house for three years and the same room for two. It's been fun to think back to how I decorated the previous two years compared to how I currently have it. I believe my bedroom is an ever-changing canvas but I'm extremely content with the current set up. I always get a warm and cozy, grown-up club house vibe in my room but it's gotten especially strong since I put a tapestry over the majority of my ceiling. (there's a creepy crawlspace and my light was far too bright). My goal was to create a comfortable space that creates a picture of who I (currently) am. I wanted to display my accessories as part of my decorating along with some handmade art interspersed. I'm happy to be back in my cozy little space though I sometimes have a hard time leaving.
I'm insanely obsessed with pillows and blankets, in case you couldn't tell.
This nightstand turned make-up table was left by previous tenants in pretty shabby condition. I decided to give it a little refresh last year to bring some more color in my room (and brighten my make-up routine). I drew on the top with Sharpies, painted a few emphasis areas and lined the inside with newspaper.
Have a Great Weekend! xo

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