September 10, 2014

A New Medium

So once again this semester I'm taking three studio classes. Because of this I'm going to have a ton of work to share with you in my digital portfolio post(s). However, in an interest to not go crazy at the end of the semester trying to photograph all of my work (again) to do one massive post, I'm going to share my paintings as we would in our critiques (small groups of "like" work).
I'm in Intro to Painting which I intentionally put off until the end because I was dreading it. I have always had a slight fear of painting and immediately assumed I wouldn't enjoy it or "be good" at it. After our first class working with paint, I was immediately smitten. I love the nature of painting because it is so different from every other medium. I'm still getting a hang of accuracy-if I even really want to go that route- but overall I'm very pleased with the immense amount of work I was able to pump out in a short amount of time.
For this set of paintings-that was actually due/critiqued today-we had about a week (which naturally I turned into three days) to produce four black and white paintings with one of them being a reductive painting (bottom right).  Aside from the size of 22"x30" paper, the still lives and the black and white paint we had a pretty open-ended assignment to work on developing a style or technique of working with paint.

I'd love any feedback as I begin to play with this new medium this semester.

Thanks for Stopping by! xo

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