June 20, 2014

Take Me Back to Bonnaroo

I still can't believe how quickly Bonnaroo came and that it's already over. Janice and I were extremely lucky for it being our first year and had a close camp and the weather, while still hot, was bearable. While I was ready to come home by the end of it, I would absolutely love to go back. It was an incredible experience with great friends and memories. I planned on doing outfit posts while at roo but I didn't feel great about posing sweat-drenched and greasy-haired among 90,000 people to maybe get a good shot. I will try to do a short post highlighting what I wore (which is now washed and sweat free!) if I have time to shoot them tonight-we're leaving for the beach tomorrow for a week- otherwise it should be up the following week. 

Below you can see some of the pictures from my trip that show the tiniest portion of the experience.
This Roobird made camp on Sam's car the first night.
How great is the ceiling of the Ford Garage?
I have to admit, aside from the endless rants, Kanye was great live.
Disclosure was so great, the face even synched perfectly to some of the songs.
Damon Albarn, lead vocalist and principal songwriter for the Gorillaz, performed some of his independent work along with songs by Blur and Gorillaz. It's been a dream of mine to hear the Gorillaz live. I was ecstatic when he brought out De La Soul to perform Feel Good and Del the Funky Homosapien to perform Clint Eastwood. It was incredible and I loved every second of it but I still have my fingers crossed to see a full Gorillaz show.
Janice experienced her very first funnel cake and she loved it.
This far from Frank Ocean, seriously amazing. I have to see him again.
Lemme tell ya'll about this little piece of heaven. This was a savory Bacon Ranch Mac & Cheese puff from Puffs of Doom. They specialize in sweet and savory cream puffs and if you're ever in Chicago (or at Bonnaroo next year) you have you try them! I'm seriously salivating just thinking about them.
How cute is Tierney cooling down in the fountain?
Taking some sneaky pics with Janice since she deleted the others. 
Paper lanterns at Elton John featuring Sam.

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