June 6, 2014

Charp Loves Shopkicking

So you know those ads on Facebook that pop up in your news feed and suggest websites and apps that might catch your attention but you never actually click on? Well this was one of those cases where the ad caught my attention and I was skeptical but I let my curiosity get the best of me. I clicked the link and started reading the website and ended up downloading the app to see if it was really worth it. Shopkick is an app that rewards you with gift cards and other prizes for shopping. The video below gives an overview of how the app works. I've already recommended Shopkick to an assortment of people, including strangers, but I have to recommend it to all of you as well. 

This app is so great because you're rewarded just for going into certain stores and it has the option to scan certain items for scanning which turns trips into a scavenger hunt (which I also love). There are also bonus kicks for going to certain stores on a specific days almost weekly if you need an excuse to go out. ;)
I'm absolutely obsessed with shopkick now and I know the stores that give walk-in kicks by heart so I'm always sure to turn on my location services and open the app before walking into the store. You also get kicks for scrolling through the look books so I'll go through and catch up on them all every few days to rack up points. I make weekly trips to Target because I love to find great deals and it's rare that I walk out empty-handed so I knew I wanted a Target gift card. The points add up quickly but being at school made it take a little longer (around 8 months) for me to reach my goal of a $25 Target gift card (6,225 kicks).
So you may be wondering what I bought with the $25 gift card after saving for 8 months. Well after holding out for a while to get something I really loved, I ordered these Sam & Libby slides when there was free shipping and I had my 5% Target pharmacy reward on top of the sale price!
p.s. I'm still reading the book but I saw the movie last night and LOVED it! Highly recommend.
too cute not to show them on too :)
If you use my link: http://get.shopkick.com/peppermint13898 when signing up, we get 50% of each other's kicks for the first two weeks!
If you have any questions they have a great list of FAQs but I'd be more than happy to answer any as well!
Happy Shopkicking!

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